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MSYS is "Minimal System", is some sort of Cygwin set of libraries (but
is not cygwin) that only exist to provide support for native
compilation of libraries and tools under MinGW (GCC)
For example, it provides perl and other components that make it easy
to compile things like OpenSSL. Also provides a native bash that
translates Windows paths (C:\Foo\Bar) into /c/Foo/Bar, making them
compatible with cygwin-like make, used to compile stuff.
MSYS is the complement of MinGW. Both together form DevKit.
Inside DevKit you will notice a bin folder, and inside will find
bash, sh and other scripts, then at the same level of 'bin' will find
a 'mingw' folder that contains GCC and the Windows headers, used to
Both bin and mingw/bin folders needs to be added to the PATH so things
like this can work:
sh -c "autoconf"
mkdir build
cd build
sh ../configure ...
We use DevKit build recipes and provide them to the
users as SFX (work on installer has been put on hold for now)
You can read more about the steps to install it here:
On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 6:14 PM, Wayne E. Seguin <> wrote:
> Would you be able to walk me through an overview of how RubyInstaller works
> from the developers perspective?
> Meaning things like:
> * The workflow (Install Ruby and DevKit, then run 'rake ...' )
To hack on RubyInstaller you only need a previous version of Ruby
installed, nothing else.
DevKit is downloaded by "rake devkit" and is part of the dependency
change of building "rake ruby18" or "rake rub19"
> * The code flow (Starts with the rake call, runs ....)
git clone ...
cd rubyinstaller
rake ruby18 #=> results in all the libraries compiled and Ruby 1.8.7
build in sandbox/ruby18_mingw
rake ruby19 #=> only builds libraries that 1.9.2 depends on and put
the compiled output at sandbox/ruby19_mingw
Then, you need:
gem install rdoc -v "~> 2.5.11"
gem install rdoc_chm
Also, install (in your computer) InnoSetup QuickStart Pack, unicode:
When installed, ensure ISPP (pre-processor) is checked for installation.
Once you're done with that, you can:
rake ruby18:package
Which will generate the rdoc (CHM) and will package the InnoSetup script.
same for ruby19:package
These tasks don't get added until you don't compile Ruby ;-)
> I have some code ready to start playing with however I am unsure how you
> would do the packaging and running, etc on windows.
I think I covered all the steps above, for sure rake tasks can be
cleaned to make it more clear the dependencies :-)
Hope that helps,