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a better way to call partials in rails3

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Provides syntactic sugar for render :partial.


Render a partial

<%= partial "people/search_box" %>

Pass some parameters in

<% form_for @person do |f| %>
  <%= partial "people/form", :f => f %>
<% end %>

Pass in a collection

<%= partial "people/person", :collection => @people %>

Or the terse way…

<%= partials @people %>

Also works, but not as nice reading…

<%= partial @people %>

Rendering a block

<% partial "people/box" do %>
  Inner content goes here.. (gets called in your partial's yield statement)
<% end %>

Special Options

These special options pass through to render :partial. All others are passed through as :locals.



Install Plugin

script/plugin install git://

Install Gem

If you're using Rails 2.1, you -can- should use the plugin as a gem.

Add this to your environment.rb:

config.gem 'jcnetdev-better_partials', :version => '>= 1.1.3', :lib => 'better_partials', :source => ''

To install:

rake gems:install

To unpack:

rake gems:unpack

Copyright © 2008 Jacques Crocker (, released under the MIT license

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