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Jammit Rack middleware for use with Sinatra/Padrino

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Jammit Sinatra


Jammit-Sinatra is a jammit wrapper that allows Jammit to work properly in Sinatra/Padrino web apps.

It includes middleware and fixed up view helpers (include_javascripts and include_stylesheets).


To install jammit-sinatra, just use:

gem install jammit-sinatra

If you are using bundler, add it to your project's Gemfile:

gem 'jammit-sinatra'

With Sinatra

In your app code, you'll need to register Jammit:

  register Jammit

You'll also need to load the jammit configuration file. So in your configure block, run:

::RAILS_ENV = "development" # this is needed to work around a Jammit limitation

In order to use the include_javascripts and include_stylesheets you'll need to have working implemetnations of javascript_include_tag and stylesheets_include_tag. You can easily pull these helpers into your existing Sinatra app from Padrino. See instructions here.

With Padrino

padrino-gen plugin jammit
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