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Welcome to the resources wiki!


Be sure to join the slack topic channels that are relevant to your interests/needs. Since this is a ruby-focused slack, most of the action falls into just a few main channels, but feel free to request an additional topic if you feel it has enough conversation long term to be worth separating. There are also now a handful of channels for non-english conversation, and we can add more of those as more non-native-english speakers accumulate enough to actually have conversations with each other, so feel free to let us know if you'd like one for your native language.

It's appreciated if you'll add an avatar to your profile to make it easier to distinguish you from other users, as well as something about what you do (usually what company you work for at least) and where in the world you are located, since we are spread around the planet. We also invite you all to tell us all a little about yourself in #introductions to help us get acquainted.

Our main rule for this community is "BE KIND" and we believe if we adhere to that we won't need to create many other rules. Feel free to ask questions, we're generally a pretty friendly bunch.

Code of Conduct

  • In any case do not use @everyone, @channel, @group or @here
  • Exceptions are Team owners and admins can distribute notifications but be respectful