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Welcome to Railslove Blog Guide

This is a guide on how to add new posts to our blog.


Our blog is highly inspired by Jekyll ’s YAML front matter post structure.
A blog post file is a markdown file with a yaml header that looks like this:

title: Welcome to Railslove new Blog
author: salim_hbeiliny

Variables you can use in header

Variable Description
title * Title of your blog post
author * Author of the blog post (must have a profile defined here)
slug Slug used in the url of the post. If not provided, it’s generated from the title
published_at Publishing date
published true / false
tags keyword: You can specify one or more tags for your post. Tags (plural key) can be specified as a YAML list or a space-separated string.
tags project: Similar to keywords, except they should be present here. Use this if your post mentions projects Railslove is working on
tags person: Similar to keywords, except they should be present here. Use this if your post mentions Railslove people


title: Welcome to Railslove new Blog
slug: welcome-to-railslove-new-blog
author: salim_hbeiliny
published_at: 2012-10-07 14:45:12 +02:00
published: true
  keyword: blog, railslove
  project: railslove, blood_bank
  person: jan_kus, paul_wittmann

After this header, the rest of the file is markdown data rendered to html using redcarpet

Finally, name your file like this:2012-07-10-welcome-to-railslove-new-blog.markdown and add it to the posts folder of this repository.

And that’s it :-)


A good crash course for markdown syntax is available at Daring Fireball

A recommended markdown editor: Mou. It has a good preview, it’s not 100% what you will see when your post is online, but it’s close enough.

And since we’re using Github’s redcarpet , you can follow the markdown syntax described here especially about fenced code blocks for syntax highlighting which is handled by SHJS

Example code block: (an empty line before and after the code block is necessary for parsing to work)

require 'redcarpet'
markdown ="Hello World!")
puts markdown.to_html
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