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Railslove presentations created with showoff
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This is a repository with Railslove presentations created using showoff

How to create a new presentation

First you need to install showoff and all its depencies.

Then you run showoff create presentationname within the showoff-presentations directory.

After that you cd into your new presentation directory and run ../ which will create symbolic links to the assets in the /template folder.

Alternativly, to create a presentation with Railslove template, run ./ presentationname

Start showoff presentation server in your presentation's directory

run showoff serve

Railslove Template


  • Bullet list default layout when composing a list.
  • Title and Text default layout when content has a title and text

You can assign each slide a different style and style combinations.
Available styles are:

  • opener First slide with Raillove logo (any content is hidden)
  • Agenda special layout when composing a list. It is recommended for this layout not to use a header, just use normal text as the title
  • callout shows a callout/bubble
    You can include one title (#) and one line of text. It can fit up to 3 lines of wrapped text
    • logo combined with callout, the railslove logo is added below the callout
    • supported background colors: (combined with callout)
      • green (default)
      • cyan
      • lila
      • orange (sample below includes logo too)
  • chapter-opener green background with white text in the middle
  • full-page-image single image with caption automatically take from the image's alt attribute
  • vertically-centered Vertically centers the content of the slide overriding the default 120px top margin
  • style=margin-top:300px adds custom css to the content of the slide, in this sample it adds a 300px top margin which overrides the default 120px

P.S.: test_new_template/one/ shows off these features in use

How to print (or save as PDF)

Works best in Safari.
1. Press Alt + P, this will break the presentation and display all the slides in one page
2. Print the page (Cmd + P), select landscape layout and check the print backgrounds option and uncheck the print headers and footers option.
3. Print to actual paper or save as PDF ;)

How to set a timer on a slide that automatically moves to the next slide

Add the following style to the slide: auto-advance-xxxx where xxxx is number of milliseconds to wait before automatically moving to the next slide

How to deploy to heroku

In order for your showoff presentation to run on heroku, you need to add a Gemfile (+ Gemfile.lock) and a to your presentation directory. You can copy those files from the smurf/ directory.

Since you only want(need) to deploy only one presenation into one heroku app, you will need to copy the files into a different folder outside the showoff-presentation repo.

cd ..
mkdir smurf
cp -vRLf showoff-presentations/smurf ./
git init .
git commit -m "something"
heroku apps:create smurf --stack cedar
git push heroku master

It's important that you use the -L switch when copying the files. This makes sure that the symbolic links to the template assets are resolved.

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