Offers deploy:web:disable and deploy:web:enable tasks for Capistrano.
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Capistrano Maintenance Extension

This gem simply offers the recently removed deploy:web:disable and deploy:web:enable tasks to your Capistrano deployment.


Install the gem via rubygems:

gem install capistrano-maintenance

And put this line into your deploy.rb file:

require 'capistrano/maintenance'

That's it. Everthing works like expected.


Everything should work out of the box general, but there are some additional adjustments you can make in your deploy.rb.

# change the default filename from maintenance.html to disabled.html
set :maintenance_basename, 'disabled'

# change default directory from default of #{shared_path}/system
set :maintenance_dirname, "#{shared_path}/public/system"

# use local template instead of included one with capistrano-maintenance
set :maintenance_template_path, 'app/views/maintenance.html'

# disable the warning on how to configure your server
set :maintenance_config_warning, false