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[1.9] Munging failed for value .... #104

josh-m-sharpe opened this Issue Jul 23, 2011 · 8 comments


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During cap deploy on an app server:

** [out :: prod-app1] Uncaught exception: Puppet::Error: Parameter content failed: Munging failed for value "<VirtualHost *:80>..... the rest of my passenger.vhost

The content looks fine, so not sure why this error is occurring.


For what it's worth I commented out the contents of #passenger_site so I could get things deployed since I assume that there wouldn't have been real changes to my vhost between 1.8 and 1.9 (?)

Tracked this down by process of elimination... systematically removing lines from passenger.vhost.erb.

It's this line:

contain the web application’s port number too.

..which is repeated twice for each vhost. Removed them both, and deploy works fine now.



wfarr commented Sep 22, 2011

We are still having difficulties tracking this down. This may be a bug somewhere in the ERB preceding these statements that when parsed and fed to puppet causes these errors.

travisp commented Nov 3, 2011

I'm having this error too after upgrade to 1.9. The "fix" from @crankharder appears to fix the problem

It's the apostrophes on those two lines. I copied the file to app/manifests/templates changed to ascii apostrophes and deploy works again.


technicalpickles commented Feb 18, 2012

Could you all give latest master a try, ie 02a82cc? Should be fixed now. /cc @jamieorc @travisp @crankharder

Current version is broken again. Same error, but the previous apostrophes are gone, so something new has been introduced.


fyafighter commented Jul 11, 2012

I found the offending character and replaced it. Here is my pull request if you want to fix it yourself.


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