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A clarity recipe for Moonshine

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A plugin for Moonshine

A plugin for installing and managing clarity. It uses the moonshine_god plugin to ensure clarity stays up.


  • script/plugin install git://

  • script/plugin install git://

  • Configure settings if needed. This plugin has defaults which work out of the box, but you'll probably at least want to change the password

    # These are the default values:
    configure :clarity => {
                :username => 'admin',
                :password => 'secret',
                :port     => 8989,
                :dir      => '/var/log'
  • If you are using this in a manifest that doesn't use the rest of the rails stack (ie a log server), you will need this in your manifest:

    # don't need rails actually, just gemrc actually it sets up
    configure(:gems => false)
    recipe :rails_gems
  • Include the plugin and recipe in your Moonshine manifest

    plugin :god
    recipe :god
    plugin :clarity
    recipe :clarity
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