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Moonshine plugin for basic DelayedJob configuration and deployment
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Moonshine Delayed Job

Many Moonshine users choose DelayedJob to handle their background processing of jobs. Since we recommend managing DJ via God, and most God configs for DJ are nearly the same, it seemed only appropriate to make this as easy as possible.


# Rails 2
script/plugin install git:// --force
script/plugin install git:// --force
# Rails 3
script/rails plugin install git:// --force
script/rails plugin install git:// --force

Configure as necessary in your moonshine.yml (or stage-specific moonshine yml):

  :workers: 2

Next, add the recipe to the manifests in question:

# app/manifests/application_manifest.rb
recipe :god
recipe :dj

Add the :dj role to any servers that run DJ:

# config/deploy/production.rb
server '', :web, :dj, :db, :primary => true

Managing DJ with God

This plugin also provides the following Capistrano tasks:

cap god:dj:stop
cap god:dj:start
cap god:dj:restart
cap god:dj:status

We recommend having DJ restart on deploy to reload code changes:

# config/deploy.rb
before 'god:restart', 'god:dj:stop'


That's it. Deploy and done!

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