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A plugin for Moonshine

This plugin provides a monitoring script to kill and log Passenger processes that are larger than a specified size. The timing can also be adjusted based on when the cron job is set to run.


  • rails 2: script/plugin install git://

  • rails 3: rails plugin install git://

  • Edit moonshine.yml to customize plugin settings as desired: :passenger_monitor: # size in MB, 500 is the default :memory: 500

    # configure pattern to grep for based on app [Rack, pre-Rack, proctitle]
    # this plugin will attempt to set this for you, but can be set manually
    # Rack
    # :pattern: 'Rack: /srv/yourapp/current'
    # pre-Rack
    # :pattern: 'Rails: /srv/yourapp/current'
    # proctitle, port can be set or defaults to 80
    # :pattern:  current [yourapp/80]
  • Include the plugin and recipe in your manifest: recipe :passenger_monitor

Deploy and done!

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