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#Moonshine Scout

A Moonshine plugin for installing and managing the Scout client.


  • A Scout account
  • The agent key for your server. This key will be provided at the time you add your server to Scout, and is also available under the Server Admin section of the site.

Quickstart Instructions

  • script/plugin install git://
  • Configure agent key in config/moonshine.yml
     :agent_key: YOUR-PRIVATE-SCOUT-KEY
  • Include the plugin and recipe(s) in your Moonshine manifest
     recipe :scout

Scout is now configured to run via cron every 3 minutes.

Advanced configuration

You can adjust the user that runs the Scout command and the interval at which it runs by using the respective keys:

    :agent_key: YOUR-PRIVATE-SCOUT-KEY
    :interval:  15 # defaults to 3
    :user:      root # defaults to the moonshine user, or 'daemon' if that's not configured

To use private plugins, you'll need to configure a Follow the instruction and copy the to app/manifests/templates.

Scout Realtime Gem

You can enable the scout realtime gem by setting :realtime: true in your manifest. You can also run the cap tasks below by adding the following options in your environment yaml. If you do not set these variables, they will default to the values below. (with the exception of :realtime: which must be set to TRUE to enable scout_realtime )

    :realtime: TRUE   #
    :version:  INT    # defaults to 0.5.3
    :port:     INT    # defaults to 5555
    :log:      PATH   # defaults to ~/.scout/scout_realtime.log
    :pid:      PATH   # defaults to ~/scout/

Cap Tasks :

  • cap scout:realtime:start Starts the scout_realtime daemon
  • cap scout:realtime:stop Stops the scout_realtime daemon
  • cap scout:realtime:foreground Runs in the foreground, and does not daemonize the process.
  • cap scout:realtime:open_firewall_port Adds an iptables rule allowing traffic on the port selected in the yaml file.
  • cap scout:realtime:close_firewall_port Removes the iptables rule for the selected port.
  • cap scout:realtime:open_web Opens the realtime web interface locally.
  • cap scout:realtime:start_ssh_tunnel Starts an SSH tunnel to the remote server.

To use private plugins, you’ll need to configure a Follow the instruction and copy the to app/manifests/templates.

Scout Daemon

You can enable the scoutd daemon by setting :scoutd: true in your moonshine.yml or manifest. The scoutd daemon runs as the scoutd user.

For certain plugins you may need sudo access. By default the scoutd user is allowed to run all commands as root. You can specify a comma separated list of allowable commands by setting :sudo_commands: in your moonshine.yml or manifest. The :sudo_commands: variable defaults to 'ALL'.

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