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Moonshine plugin for basic Sidekiq configuration and deployment
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Moonshine Sidekiq

For deploying sidekiq with moonshine. It replaces the built-in capistrano management of sidekiq with god.


# Rails 2
script/plugin install git:// --force
script/plugin install git:// --force
# Rails 3
script/rails plugin install git:// --force
script/rails plugin install git:// --force

Make sure you place custom Sidekiq configuration options into a config/sidekiq.yml (example)

Configure as necessary in your moonshine.yml (or stage-specific moonshine yml):

  :workers: 2

Next, add the recipe to the manifests in question:

# app/manifests/application_manifest.rb
recipe :god
recipe :sidekiq

Add the :sidekiq and :god roles to any servers that run sidekiq:

# config/deploy/production.rb
server '', :web, :sidekiq, :god, :db, :primary => true

And make sure to remove sidekiq/capistrano related settings from config/deploy.rb, such as:

require 'sidekiq/capistrano'
set :sidekiq_cmd, "#{bundle_cmd} exec sidekiq"
set :sidekiqctl_cmd, "#{bundle_cmd} exec sidekiqctl"
set :sidekiq_timeout, 10
set :sidekiq_role, :app
set :sidekiq_pid, "#{current_path}/tmp/pids/"
set :sidekiq_processes, 1

Managing Sidekiq with God

This plugin also provides the following Capistrano tasks:

cap god:sidekiq:stop
cap god:sidekiq:start
cap god:sidekiq:restart
cap god:sidekiq:status

We recommend having Sidekiq restart on deploy to reload code changes:

# config/deploy.rb
after 'god:restart', 'god:sidekiq:restart'


That's it. Deploy and done!

Unless otherwise specified, all content copyright © 2014, Rails Machine, LLC

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