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RailsMachine is a collection of libraries for automating deployment and hosting configuration for Ruby on Rails applications using Capistrano and Rake.

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A set of capistrano recipes for simplifying the deployment of Rails applications.

The deployment process looks like this:

<pre> cd <app_directory> capify . railsmachine --apply-to . --name <app_name> --domain <> cap repos:setup cd ../<app_name>_machine cap servers:setup deploy:cold </pre>

Under the default configuration the gem will use these directories:

<pre> /var/www/apps/ - Rails applications /etc/httpd/conf/apps/ - Apache configurations /var/run/mongrel_cluster/ - Mongrel pid files /etc/mongrel_cluster/ - Mongrel cluster configurations </pre>


  • a ‘deploy’ system account with write access to the above directories.
  • You also need a ‘deploy’ mysql account with all privileges on . and grant option.
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