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1 Chainsaw - Simple Redis-based logging
2 -------------------------------------
4 Chainsaw is a simple library, built for the RailsRumble (but rewritten since)
5 that makes it easy to log arbitrary data (basically, anything that can be converted
6 to json) to redis and to make it accessible via a web interface. It's build to
7 be fast, simple and most importantly extendable. It comes batteries-included
8 with a sample bot for logging twitter messages as well as one for logging
67fef88 Darcy Laycock Add sample config files, control script
Sutto authored
9 irc messages.
11 Getting Started
12 ===============
14 Getting going is simple. Just follow the following steps:
16 - Start redis on your server
17 - Copy twitter/config/settings.yml.sample to twitter/config/settings.yml and change the keywords to what you want to match
18 - Edit irc/config/settings.yml.sample and irc/config/connections.yml.sample to their non-.sample counterparts, edit to reflect
19 channel names and network
20 - run "script/chainsaw start" (for the irc + twitter bot) to start it.
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