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Chainsaw - Simple Redis-based logging

Chainsaw is a simple library, built for the RailsRumble (but rewritten since) that makes it easy to log arbitrary data (basically, anything that can be converted to json) to redis and to make it accessible via a web interface. It's build to be fast, simple and most importantly extendable. It comes batteries-included with a sample bot for logging twitter messages as well as one for logging irc messages.

Getting Started

Getting going is simple. Just follow the following steps:

  • Start redis on your server
  • Copy twitter/config/settings.yml.sample to twitter/config/settings.yml and change the keywords to what you want to match
  • Edit irc/config/settings.yml.sample and irc/config/connections.yml.sample to their non-.sample counterparts, edit to reflect channel names and network
  • run "script/chainsaw start" (for the irc + twitter bot) to start it.
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