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+title: Meet The Expert Judges!
+permalink: /2012/10/12/meet-the-expert-judges/
+ <a href="/experts">
+ <img src="/images/2012/10/expert-judges.jpg"/>
+ </a>
+Every year, the Rails Rumble manages to put together an incredible panel of expert judges to pick the winners, and this year is no different! We encourage you to check out the newly released [experts page]( and see just who'll be judging your apps. It's really an incredible collection of judges including people like: [Ze Frank](, [Leah Silber](, [Garry Tan](, [Jeff Atwood](, [Leah Culver](, [Garrett Murray](, and so... many... more. Really, you have to [see it](, to believe it.
+Thanks so much to all of our judges!
+\- [@tsmango](
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