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A little more clarification on how this works

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<h2>Or get fancy with these advanced commands:</h2>
- <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:retry] %></span> &mdash; ask more people out on a date to the same place</li>
- <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:women_only] %></span> &mdash; only ask out women</li>
- <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:men_only] %></span> &mdash; only ask out men</li>
- <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:other_only] %></span> &mdash; only ask out people who identify as something else</li>
- <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:anything] %></span> &mdash; ask out everything we have</li>
+ <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:women_only] %></span> &mdash; request a new date with only women</li>
+ <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:men_only] %></span> &mdash; request a new date with only men</li>
+ <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:other_only] %></span> &mdash; request a new date with only people who identify as someone else</li>
+ <li><span><%= COMMANDS[:anything] %></span> &mdash; request a new date with everyone we have</li>
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