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== You Must Do!
Something awesome is going on here!!
=== How to
==== Ruby
acts_as_favorite for favs Must
acts_as_follower for following/followers
acts_as_taggable_on for Musts tagging
capistrano for Deployments
clearance for User Authentication
jrails replacement of Rails JS Helpers for jQuery
oauth for authentication of Twitter users
oauth2 for authentication of Facebook users
paperclip/aws-s3 for Uploads to Amazon S3
twitter for sharing Musts to Twitter
typhoeus for sharing Musts to Facebook
whenever for handling Cron Jobs in Ruby
will_paginate for Musts pagination
zencoder-rb for processing of video/audio using Zencoder
==== Javascript
jQuery/JQuery-UI the core of all JS stuff
jQuery Tiny Caurousel
==== Server Configuration
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
Apache 2.2
MySQL 5.1
Ruby 1.8.7
Rails 2.3.10
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