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Capistrano extension that allows to use multiple configurations.

Multiconfig extension is similar to multistage extenstion. But it's not only about 'stage' configurations. It's about any configuration that you may need. Extension recursively builds configuration list from configuration root directory. Each configuration loads recursively configuration from it namespace files and own configuration file.


Install gem

$ gem install capistrano-multiconfig

Add to Capfile

set :config, 'path/to/your/configurations'
require 'capistrano/multiconfig'


Assume we need next configurations:

  • services:billing:production
  • services:billing:qa
  • blog:production
  • blog:staging
  • dev:wiki

Choose configuration root directory for example config/deploy

Create configuration files:


Add to Capfile:

set :config_root, 'config/deploy'
require 'capistrano/multiconfig'

Put related capistrano configuration to each file according to file meaning.

Check tasks:

$ cap -T
cap services:billing:production # Load services:billing:production configuration
cap services:billing:qa         # Load services:billing:qa configuration
cap blog:production             # Load blog:production configuration
cap blog:staging                # Load blog:staging configuration
cap wiki                        # Load wiki configuration
cap invoke                      # Invoke a single command on the remote servers.
cap shell                       # Begin an interactive Capistrano session.

Let's try to run task without specified configuration:

$ cap shell
triggering start callbacks for `shell'
  * executing `multiconfig:ensure'
No configuration specified. Please specify one of:
  * wiki:production
  * wiki:staging
  * blog:production
  * blog:staging
(e.g. `cap wiki:production shell')

So we must provide configuration as first task:

$ cap services:billing:qa shell

Configuration Loading

Configuration task loads not only configuration associated with it filename. It also recursively load configurations from all namespaces.

For example for :config_root config/deploy task cap apps/blog/qa.rb loads with order next configuration files (if they exist):

  • config/deploy/apps.rb
  • config/deploy/apps/blog.rb
  • config/deploy/apps/blog/qa.rb

So it's easy to put shared configuration.

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