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Passenger initscript


  • bash script
  • muliple passenger standalone instances
  • rvm support
  • yaml application configuration


cd /etc/init.d
sudo wget
sudo chmod +x passenger

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger setup

sudo cp /etc/passenger.d/example.yml.disabled /etc/passenger.d/app1.yml
sudo cp /etc/passenger.d/example.yml.disabled /etc/passenger.d/app2.yml

Edit configurations according to your needs.

Configuration file sample


rvm: ruby-1.9.2@example
rvm-type: user
rvm-path: /path/to/rvm
cwd: /var/apps/blog/current
user: deploy
port: 8080
environment: production
max-pool-size: 4
min-instances: 1
pid-file: /var/apps/blog/current/tmp/pids/
log-file: /var/apps/blog/current/log/passenger.log


Start all applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger start

Stop all applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger stop

Restart all applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger restart

Reload all applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger reload

Get applications status

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger status

Start certain applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger start blog forum

Stop certain applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger stop blog forum

Restart certain applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger restart blog forum

Reload certain applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger restart blog forum

Get status for certain applications

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger status blog forum

Enable application

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger enable blog

Disable application

sudo /etc/init.d/passenger disable blog


  • restart command stops and then starts passenger instances
  • reload or upgrade command graceful replaces passenger workers