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Add Documentation on mustache Lambdas #4

maxstudener opened this Issue · 7 comments

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@maxstudener shows how in javascript you can you return a function but how does rails call it.

For example im using faye to broadcast a private message, i want javascript to run a function called check_acces and i want rails to run a function called check_acces when the page is reloaded


You can use or lambda.



   a = {
      url: product_url(product),
      title: product.title,
      price: number_to_currency(product.price),
      description: product.description,
      test_info: { 2 + 2 }
   <%= render "products/product", mustache: a %>

what im trying to is something like this

can_edit: {user == current_user}

that works for a render, but not when i publish the result to subscribers, id need javascript end to execute the proc too

var a = {
  title: "title",
  can_edit: function(){
    // do something

The same for js - use js function.


i see my issue i was trying to make my a ={} return a function that render and a call via ajax json request could both use but that doesn't actually make sense i just need to recode the proc in both the ruby and javascript, this was uber helpful


Perfect. So Can I close issue?


yup although it would be nice to see it in the readme but this issue is closed

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