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Railsware sprinkle recipes


  1. Debian or Ubuntu linux server
  2. User with sudo rights on the server


  • deploy.rb – settings file for Capistrano. Put your server credentials here.
  • install.rb – Main Sprinkle install script. Modify it for selecting exact packages you want to use.
  • recipes/comet.rb – Comet server of you choice: Juggernaut or Orbited/RabbitMQ
  • recipes/databases.rb – MySQL or Postgres with appropriate ruby gems
  • recipes/essentials.rb – Build tools required for building linux apps from source
  • recipes/geoip.rb – GeoIP C library and free GeoIP City database
  • recipes/goodies.rb – Different utilities for system administrator like htop, screen, vim, ccze, logrotate, etc
  • recipes/imagemagick.rb – ImageMagick utility
  • recipes/mailserver.rb – Mail server. Not used by default because Ubuntu is already shipped with Exim4
  • recipes/nginx_passenger_.rb – Nginx with Passenger module built from source
  • recipes/rails.rb – Latest stable version of Ruby on Rails
  • recipes/redis.rb – Redis database, recipe is not stable and not recomended to use at this time
  • recipes/ruby_ee_dep_gems.rb – Ruby Enterprise Edition and RubyGems built from source
  • recipes/scm.rb Git or Mercurial


  1. Install Sprinkle: sudo gem install sprinkle
  2. Set your server credentials in deploy.rb
  3. Pick packages you want to install in install.rb. Add another packages or modify existing ones.
  4. Run sprinkle -s install.rb inside or sprinkle_recipes directory and follow Sprinkle instructions


By default you’re unable to install both Git and Mercurial at a time or both MySQL and PostgreSQL at a time. However you could modify its installation recipes or install this in 2 steps.


Tested with Ubuntu 8.10 and Ubuntu 9.04

Based on Passenger Sprinkle stack by benschwarz