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Railsware Application Template

This is template application that includes some low-level functionality and rails plugins/gems set that is not included with Rails, but used in most of projects we do.
Purpose of this template is reducing time of starting new projects up and using stable and easy to use tools in it.


  1. Ruby on Rails v2.3.5 – Latest stable version of Rails 2.x
  2. Authlogic and ACL9 – advanced authentication and authorization solutions. Also implemented example of user registration/login and authorization restrictions using these tools.
  3. RSpec, RSpec-Rails, Remarkable, Mocha – Set of different tools for unit-testing Rails application with RSpec BDD framework.
  4. Factory Girl – Fixture replacement for focused and readable tests
  5. Webrat – Webrat lets you quickly write robust and thorough acceptance tests for a web application. By leveraging the DOM, it can run tests similarly to an in-browser testing solution without the associated performance hit (and browser dependency).
  6. Rake task for continuous integration with CruiseControl.rb and RSpec.
  7. HopToad is a web based service which collects errors generated by other web applications, and aggregates the results for developer review.
  8. NewRelic RPM is an on-demand Web application performance management solution that lets you see inside a production Java, Ruby, or JRuby application deployed in a cloud or in a datacenter. It is free in development mode and paid for using in production/staging mode.
  9. Web App Theme – simple theme for admin web apps.
  10. Rescue from template patch – Rails plugin that allows usage of rescue_from for views exceptions.
  11. Limerick rake – a collection of useful rake tasks
  12. Annotate Models – add a comment summarizing the current schema to the top of each ActiveRecord model source file.
  13. JRails is a drop-in jQuery replacement for Prototype/ on Rails. Using jRails, you can get all of the same default Rails helpers for javascript functionality using the lighter jQuery library.
  14. Less JS Routes – use Rails routes inside of client-side JavaScript. LessJsRoutes will generate a javascript file with functions that give you the path to the route
    and functions that will call these routes using ajax (uses jQuery or Prototype).
  15. YAML config with SettingsLogic – external config for storing application settings (both common for all environments and per-environment ones) and some syntax sugar on top of it.
  16. Will Paginate – de-facto Rails standard for pagination.
  17. EZ_Where – query/conditions builder for ActiveRecord and other ORMS. In other words it is a syntax sugar around ActiveRecord 2.x for doing human-readable advanced ORM requests.
  18. Formtastic – a Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.
  19. Semantic Menu – a plugin to make rails menus easier to write
  20. Foreign Key Migrations – Provides foreign key support for MySQL and PostgreSQL adapters in Rails.
  21. AASM – state machines for Ruby classes.
  22. Set of Capistrano deployment scripts supporting multiple Rails environments (production and staging by default) and optimized for deploying rails apps for Passenger application server.


  • Clone application.
  • (optional) Place your local configuration (if needed) to config/initializers/local_initializer.rb, you can watch config/initializers/local_initializer.rb.example as an example.
  • Set database params in database.yml (like always with Rails)
  • (optional) Change session key/secret in config/initializers/session_store.rb
  • Run sudo rake gems:install and sudo rake gems:install RAILS_ENV=test to install required gems
  • Run rake db:create rake db:migrate and rake db:seed to create and fill development database
  • (optional) If you’re using HopToad place its API key in config/initializers/hoptoad.rb
  • (optional) Put you license key in config/newrelic.yml if you’re using NewRelic in production/staging/etc environments
  • Review config/config.yml and config/locales/en.yml to match your application settings.


  1. Ruby v1.8.6 or v1.8.7
  2. RubyGems v1.3.6+
  3. Rails v2.3.5
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