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9e7fc2f @railwaycat init emacs 23.2.92
authored Jan 17, 2011
1 eterm-color.ti is a terminfo source file. eterm-color is a compiled
2 version produced by the terminfo compiler (tic). The compiled files
3 are binary, and depend on the version of tic, but they seem to be
4 system-independent and backwardly compatible. So there should be no
5 need to recompile the distributed binary version. If it is
6 necessary, use:
8 tic -o ../ ./eterm-color.ti
10 The compiled file is used by lisp/term.el, so if it is moved term.el
11 needs to be changed. terminfo requires it to be stored in an `e'
12 subdirectory (the first character of the file name).
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