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** Make sure the author(s) have a copyright assignment/disclaimer.
** Make sure the file matches the standard Emacs template (header
format, copyright and license notice, etc).
** Make sure the filename does not cause the DOS port any problems (8+3).
Run the `doschk' program like this:
find /path/to/emacs -print | doschk
and examine the output for DOS-related problems. The sections of
output under the headings "The following files are not valid DOS file
names:" and "The following resolve to the same DOS file names:" should
not include any files that end up in the release tarball.
** Commit in the name of the author(s), not your own name.
** If appropriate, check that the file compiles OK and that Emacs
builds fine with it. Address any compilation warnings.
** If a major contribution, consider adding an entry to the
Acknowledgments in doc/emacs/emacs.texi and ack.texi.
** If appropriate, add a short NEWS entry.
** If appropriate, update make-dist (not needed with "standard" file
names, eg *.el).
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