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;;; calc-embed.el --- embed Calc in a buffer
;; Copyright (C) 1990-1993, 2001-2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: David Gillespie <>
;; Maintainer: Jay Belanger <>
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
;; This file is autoloaded from calc-ext.el.
(require 'calc-ext)
(require 'calc-macs)
;; Declare functions which are defined elsewhere.
(declare-function thing-at-point-looking-at "thingatpt"
(regexp &optional distance))
(defun calc-show-plain (n)
(interactive "P")
(calc-set-command-flag 'renum-stack)
(message (if (calc-change-mode 'calc-show-plain n nil t)
"Including \"plain\" formulas in Calc Embedded mode"
"Omitting \"plain\" formulas in Calc Embedded mode"))))
(defvar calc-embedded-modes nil)
(defvar calc-embedded-globals nil)
(defvar calc-embedded-active nil)
(defvar calc-embedded-all-active nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'calc-embedded-all-active)
(defvar calc-embedded-some-active nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'calc-embedded-some-active)
;; The following variables are customizable and defined in calc.el.
(defvar calc-embedded-announce-formula)
(defvar calc-embedded-open-formula)
(defvar calc-embedded-close-formula)
(defvar calc-embedded-open-plain)
(defvar calc-embedded-close-plain)
(defvar calc-embedded-open-new-formula)
(defvar calc-embedded-close-new-formula)
(defvar calc-embedded-open-mode)
(defvar calc-embedded-close-mode)
(defvar calc-embedded-word-regexp)
(defconst calc-embedded-mode-vars '(("twos-complement" . calc-twos-complement-mode)
("precision" . calc-internal-prec)
("word-size" . calc-word-size)
("angles" . calc-angle-mode)
("symbolic" . calc-symbolic-mode)
("matrix" . calc-matrix-mode)
("fractions" . calc-prefer-frac)
("complex" . calc-complex-mode)
("simplify" . calc-simplify-mode)
("language" . the-language)
("plain" . calc-show-plain)
("break" . calc-line-breaking)
("justify" . the-display-just)
("left-label" . calc-left-label)
("right-label" . calc-right-label)
("radix" . calc-number-radix)
("leading-zeros" . calc-leading-zeros)
("grouping" . calc-group-digits)
("group-char" . calc-group-char)
("point-char" . calc-point-char)
("frac-format" . calc-frac-format)
("float-format" . calc-float-format)
("complex-format" . calc-complex-format)
("hms-format" . calc-hms-format)
("date-format" . calc-date-format)
("matrix-justify" . calc-matrix-just)
("full-vectors" . calc-full-vectors)
("break-vectors" . calc-break-vectors)
("vector-commas" . calc-vector-commas)
("vector-brackets" . calc-vector-brackets)
("matrix-brackets" . calc-matrix-brackets)
("strings" . calc-display-strings)
;; Format of calc-embedded-info vector:
;; 0 Editing buffer.
;; 1 Calculator buffer.
;; 2 Top of current formula (marker).
;; 3 Bottom of current formula (marker).
;; 4 Top of current formula's delimiters (marker).
;; 5 Bottom of current formula's delimiters (marker).
;; 6 String representation of current formula.
;; 7 Non-nil if formula is embedded within a single line.
;; 8 Internal representation of current formula.
;; 9 Variable assigned by this formula, or nil.
;; 10 List of variables upon which this formula depends.
;; 11 Evaluated value of the formula, or nil.
;; 12 Mode settings for current formula.
;; 13 Local mode settings for current formula.
;; 14 Permanent mode settings for current formula.
;; 15 Global mode settings for editing buffer.
;; calc-embedded-active is an a-list keyed on buffers; each cdr is a
;; sorted list of calc-embedded-infos in that buffer. We do this
;; rather than using buffer-local variables because the latter are
;; thrown away when a buffer changes major modes.
(defvar calc-embedded-original-modes nil
"The mode settings for Calc buffer when put in embedded mode.")
(defun calc-embedded-save-original-modes ()
"Save the current Calc modes when entering embedded mode."
(let ((calcbuf (save-excursion
lang modes)
(if calcbuf
(with-current-buffer calcbuf
(setq lang
(cons calc-language calc-language-option))
(setq modes
(list (cons 'calc-display-just
(cons 'calc-display-origin
(let ((v calc-embedded-mode-vars))
(while v
(let ((var (cdr (car v))))
(unless (memq var '(the-language the-display-just))
(setq modes
(cons (cons var (symbol-value var))
(setq v (cdr v))))
(setq calc-embedded-original-modes (cons lang modes)))
(setq calc-embedded-original-modes nil))))
(defun calc-embedded-preserve-modes ()
"Preserve the current modes when leaving embedded mode."
(if calc-embedded-info
(message "Current modes will be preserved when leaving embedded mode."))
(message "Not in embedded mode.")))
(defun calc-embedded-restore-original-modes (calcbuf)
"Restore the original Calc modes when leaving embedded mode."
(let ((changed nil)
(lang (car calc-embedded-original-modes))
(modes (cdr calc-embedded-original-modes)))
(if (and calcbuf calc-embedded-original-modes)
(with-current-buffer calcbuf
(unless (and
(equal calc-language (car lang))
(equal calc-language-option (cdr lang)))
(calc-set-language (car lang) (cdr lang))
(setq changed t))
(while modes
(let ((mode (car modes)))
(unless (equal (symbol-value (car mode)) (cdr mode))
(set (car mode) (cdr mode))
(setq changed t)))
(setq modes (cdr modes)))
(when changed
(setq calc-embedded-original-modes nil)))
;; The variables calc-embed-outer-top, calc-embed-outer-bot,
;; calc-embed-top and calc-embed-bot are
;; local to calc-do-embedded, calc-embedded-mark-formula,
;; calc-embedded-duplicate, calc-embedded-new-formula and
;; calc-embedded-make-info, but are used by calc-embedded-find-bounds,
;; which is called (directly or indirectly) by the above functions.
(defvar calc-embed-outer-top)
(defvar calc-embed-outer-bot)
(defvar calc-embed-top)
(defvar calc-embed-bot)
;; The variable calc-embed-arg is local to calc-do-embedded,
;; calc-embedded-update-formula, calc-embedded-edit and
;; calc-do-embedded-activate, but is used by
;; calc-embedded-make-info, which is called by the above
;; functions.
(defvar calc-embed-arg)
(defvar calc-embedded-quiet nil)
(defvar calc-embedded-firsttime)
(defvar calc-embedded-firsttime-buf)
(defvar calc-embedded-firsttime-formula)
;; The following is to take care of any minor modes which override
;; a Calc command.
(defvar calc-override-minor-modes-map
"A list of keybindings that might be overwritten by minor modes.")
;; Add any keys that might be overwritten here.
(define-key calc-override-minor-modes-map "`" 'calc-edit)
(defvar calc-override-minor-modes
(cons t calc-override-minor-modes-map))
(defun calc-do-embedded (calc-embed-arg end obeg oend)
(if calc-embedded-info
;; Turn embedded mode off or switch to a new buffer.
(cond ((eq (current-buffer) (aref calc-embedded-info 1))
(let ((calcbuf (current-buffer))
(buf (aref calc-embedded-info 0)))
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t)
(calc-embedded nil)
(switch-to-buffer calcbuf)))
((eq (current-buffer) (aref calc-embedded-info 0))
(let* ((info calc-embedded-info)
(mode calc-embedded-modes)
(calcbuf (aref calc-embedded-info 1)))
(with-current-buffer (aref info 1)
(if (and (> (calc-stack-size) 0)
(equal (calc-top 1 'full) (aref info 8)))
(let ((calc-no-refresh-evaltos t))
(if (calc-top 1 'sel)
(calc-unselect 1))
(aref info 15) (aref info 12) (aref info 14))
(let ((calc-embedded-info nil))
(calc-wrapper (calc-pop-stack))))
(setq calc-embedded-info nil
mode-line-buffer-identification (car mode)
truncate-lines (nth 2 mode)
buffer-read-only nil)
(use-local-map (nth 1 mode))
(setq minor-mode-overriding-map-alist
(remq calc-override-minor-modes minor-mode-overriding-map-alist))
(set-buffer-modified-p (buffer-modified-p))
(calc-embedded-restore-original-modes calcbuf)
(or calc-embedded-quiet
(message "Back to %s mode" (format-mode-line mode-name)))))
(if (buffer-name (aref calc-embedded-info 0))
(with-current-buffer (aref calc-embedded-info 0)
(or (y-or-n-p (format "Cancel Calc Embedded mode in buffer %s? "
(calc-embedded nil)))
(calc-embedded calc-embed-arg end obeg oend)))
;; Turn embedded mode on.
(let ((modes (list mode-line-buffer-identification
(calc-embedded-firsttime (not calc-embedded-active))
(calc-embedded-firsttime-buf nil)
(calc-embedded-firsttime-formula nil)
calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot
info chg ident)
(or calc-embedded-globals
(setq info
(calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t calc-embed-arg end obeg oend))
(if (eq (car-safe (aref info 8)) 'error)
(setq calc-embedded-original-modes nil)
(goto-char (nth 1 (aref info 8)))
(error (nth 2 (aref info 8)))))
(let ((mode-line-buffer-identification mode-line-buffer-identification)
(calc-embedded-info info)
(calc-embedded-no-reselect t))
(let* ((okay nil)
(calc-no-refresh-evaltos t))
(if (aref info 8)
(calc-push (calc-normalize (aref info 8)))
(setq chg (calc-embedded-set-modes
(aref info 15) (aref info 12) (aref info 13))))
(setq chg (calc-embedded-set-modes
(aref info 15) (aref info 12) (aref info 13)))
(setq calc-undo-list nil
calc-redo-list nil
ident mode-line-buffer-identification)))
(setq calc-embedded-info info
calc-embedded-modes modes
mode-line-buffer-identification ident
truncate-lines t
buffer-read-only t)
(set-buffer-modified-p (buffer-modified-p))
(use-local-map calc-mode-map)
(setq minor-mode-overriding-map-alist
(cons calc-override-minor-modes
(setq calc-no-refresh-evaltos nil)
(and chg calc-any-evaltos (calc-wrapper (calc-refresh-evaltos)))
(let (str)
(setq str mode-line-buffer-identification))
(unless (equal str mode-line-buffer-identification)
(setq mode-line-buffer-identification str)
(set-buffer-modified-p (buffer-modified-p))))
(if calc-embedded-firsttime
(run-hooks 'calc-embedded-mode-hook))
(if calc-embedded-firsttime-buf
(run-hooks 'calc-embedded-new-buffer-hook))
(if calc-embedded-firsttime-formula
(run-hooks 'calc-embedded-new-formula-hook))
(or (eq calc-embedded-quiet t)
(message "Embedded Calc mode enabled; %s to return to normal"
(if calc-embedded-quiet
"Type `C-x * x'"
"Give this command again")))))
(scroll-down 0)) ; fix a bug which occurs when truncate-lines is changed.
(defun calc-embedded-select (arg)
(interactive "P")
(calc-embedded arg)
(and calc-embedded-info
(eq (car-safe (aref calc-embedded-info 8)) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(calc-select-part 1))
(and calc-embedded-info
(or (eq (car-safe (aref calc-embedded-info 8)) 'calcFunc-assign)
(and (eq (car-safe (aref calc-embedded-info 8)) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(eq (car-safe (nth 1 (aref calc-embedded-info 8)))
(calc-select-part 2)))
(defun calc-embedded-update-formula (calc-embed-arg)
(interactive "P")
(if calc-embed-arg
(let ((entry (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active)))
(while (setq entry (cdr entry))
(and (eq (car-safe (aref (car entry) 8)) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(or (not (consp calc-embed-arg))
(and (<= (aref (car entry) 2) (region-beginning))
(>= (aref (car entry) 3) (region-end))))
(calc-embedded-update (car entry) 14 t t)))))
(if (and calc-embedded-info
(eq (current-buffer) (aref calc-embedded-info 0))
(>= (point) (aref calc-embedded-info 4))
(<= (point) (aref calc-embedded-info 5)))
(calc-evaluate 1)
(let* ((opt (point))
(info (calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t))
(pt (- opt (aref info 4))))
(or (eq (car-safe (aref info 8)) 'error)
(calc-embedded-update info 14 'eval t))
(goto-char (+ (aref info 4) pt))))))))
(defun calc-embedded-edit (calc-embed-arg)
(interactive "P")
(let ((info (calc-embedded-make-info (point) nil t calc-embed-arg))
(if (eq (car-safe (aref info 8)) 'error)
(goto-char (nth 1 (aref info 8)))
(error (nth 2 (aref info 8)))))
(setq str (math-showing-full-precision
(math-format-nice-expr (aref info 8) (frame-width))))
(calc-edit-mode (list 'calc-embedded-finish-edit info))
(insert str "\n")))
(defvar calc-original-buffer)
(defvar calc-edit-top)
(defun calc-embedded-finish-edit (info)
(let ((buf (current-buffer))
(str (buffer-substring calc-edit-top (point-max)))
(start (point))
(switch-to-buffer calc-original-buffer)
(let ((val (with-current-buffer (aref info 1)
(let ((calc-language nil)
(math-expr-opers (math-standard-ops)))
(math-read-expr str)))))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'error)
(switch-to-buffer buf)
(goto-char (+ start (nth 1 val)))
(error (nth 2 val))))
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t info)
(aset info 8 val)
(calc-embedded-update info 14 t t))))
(defun calc-do-embedded-activate (calc-embed-arg cbuf)
(if calc-embed-arg
(if (< (prefix-numeric-value calc-embed-arg) 0)
(message "Deactivating %s for Calc Embedded mode" (buffer-name))
(message "Activating %s for Calc Embedded mode..." (buffer-name))
(let* ((active (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active))
(info active)
(pat " := \\| \\\\gets \\| => \\| \\\\evalto "))
(if calc-embedded-announce-formula
(setq pat (format "%s\\|\\(%s\\)"
pat calc-embedded-announce-formula)))
(while (setq info (cdr info))
(or (equal (buffer-substring (aref (car info) 2) (aref (car info) 3))
(aref (car info) 6))
(setcdr active (delq (car info) (cdr active)))))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward pat nil t)
;;; (if (looking-at calc-embedded-open-formula)
;;; (goto-char (match-end 1)))
(setq info (calc-embedded-make-info (point) cbuf nil))
(or (eq (car-safe (aref info 8)) 'error)
(goto-char (aref info 5))))))
(message "Activating %s for Calc Embedded mode...done" (buffer-name)))
(calc-embedded-active-state t))
(defun calc-plain-buffer-only ()
(if (memq major-mode '(calc-mode calc-trail-mode calc-edit-mode))
(error "This command should be used in a normal editing buffer")))
(defun calc-embedded-active-state (state)
(or (assq 'calc-embedded-all-active minor-mode-alist)
(setq minor-mode-alist
(cons '(calc-embedded-all-active " Active")
(cons '(calc-embedded-some-active " ~Active")
(let ((active (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active)))
(or (cdr active)
(setq state nil)))
(and (eq state 'more) calc-embedded-all-active (setq state t))
(setq calc-embedded-all-active (eq state t)
calc-embedded-some-active (not (memq state '(nil t))))
(set-buffer-modified-p (buffer-modified-p)))
(defun calc-embedded-original-buffer (switch &optional info)
(or info (setq info calc-embedded-info))
(or (buffer-name (aref info 0))
(error "Calc embedded mode: Original buffer has been killed")))
(if switch
(set-buffer (aref info 0))))
(defun calc-embedded-word ()
(calc-embedded '(t)))
(defun calc-embedded-mark-formula (&optional body-only)
"Put point at the beginning of this Calc formula, mark at the end.
This normally marks the whole formula, including surrounding delimiters.
With any prefix argument, marks only the formula itself."
(interactive "P")
(and (eq major-mode 'calc-mode)
(error "This command should be used in a normal editing buffer"))
(let (calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot)
(calc-embedded-find-bounds body-only))
(push-mark (if body-only calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-bot) t)
(goto-char (if body-only calc-embed-top calc-embed-outer-top))))
(defun calc-embedded-find-bounds (&optional plain)
;; (while (and (bolp) (eq (following-char) ?\n))
;; (forward-char 1))
(and (eolp) (bolp) (not (eq (char-after (- (point) 2)) ?\n))
(forward-char -1))
(let ((home (point)))
(or (and (looking-at calc-embedded-open-formula)
(not (looking-at calc-embedded-close-formula)))
(re-search-backward calc-embedded-open-formula nil t)
(error "Can't find start of formula"))
(and (eq (preceding-char) ?\$) ; backward search for \$\$? won't back
(eq (following-char) ?\$) ; up over a second $, so do it by hand.
(forward-char -1))
(setq calc-embed-outer-top (point))
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(if (looking-at "[ \t]*$")
(if (eq (following-char) ?\n)
(forward-char 1))
(or (bolp)
(while (eq (following-char) ?\ )
(forward-char 1)))
(or (eq plain 'plain)
(if (looking-at (regexp-quote calc-embedded-open-plain))
(goto-char (match-end 0))
(search-forward calc-embedded-close-plain))))
(setq calc-embed-top (point))
(or (re-search-forward calc-embedded-close-formula nil t)
(error "Can't find end of formula"))
(if (< (point) home)
(error "Not inside a formula"))
(and (eq (following-char) ?\n) (not (bolp))
(forward-char 1))
(setq calc-embed-outer-bot (point))
(goto-char (match-beginning 0))
(if (eq (preceding-char) ?\n)
(backward-char 1))
(or (eolp)
(while (eq (preceding-char) ?\ )
(backward-char 1)))
(setq calc-embed-bot (point))))
(defun calc-embedded-kill-formula ()
"Kill the formula surrounding point.
If Calc Embedded mode was active, this deactivates it.
The formula (including its surrounding delimiters) is saved in the kill ring.
The command \\[yank] can retrieve it from there."
(and calc-embedded-info
(calc-embedded nil))
(kill-region (point) (mark))
(defun calc-embedded-copy-formula-as-kill ()
"Save the formula surrounding point as if killed, but don't kill it."
(copy-region-as-kill (point) (mark))
(defun calc-embedded-duplicate ()
(let ((already calc-embedded-info)
calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot new-top)
(if calc-embedded-info
(setq calc-embed-top (+ (aref calc-embedded-info 2))
calc-embed-bot (+ (aref calc-embedded-info 3))
calc-embed-outer-top (+ (aref calc-embedded-info 4))
calc-embed-outer-bot (+ (aref calc-embedded-info 5)))
(calc-embedded nil))
(goto-char calc-embed-outer-bot)
(insert "\n")
(setq new-top (point))
(insert-buffer-substring (current-buffer)
calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot)
(goto-char (+ new-top (- calc-embed-top calc-embed-outer-top)))
(let ((calc-embedded-quiet (if already t 'x)))
(calc-embedded (+ new-top (- calc-embed-top calc-embed-outer-top))
(+ new-top (- calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-top))
(+ new-top (- calc-embed-outer-bot calc-embed-outer-top))))))
(defun calc-embedded-next (arg)
(interactive "P")
(setq arg (prefix-numeric-value arg))
(let* ((active (cdr (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active)))
(p active)
(num (length active)))
(or active
(error "No active formulas in buffer"))
(cond ((= arg 0))
((= arg -1)
(if (<= (point) (aref (car active) 3))
(goto-char (aref (nth (1- num) active) 2))
(while (and (cdr p)
(> (point) (aref (nth 1 p) 3)))
(setq p (cdr p)))
(goto-char (aref (car p) 2))))
((< arg -1)
(calc-embedded-next -1)
(calc-embedded-next (+ (* num 1000) arg 1)))
(setq arg (1+ (% (1- arg) num)))
(while (and p (>= (point) (aref (car p) 2)))
(setq p (cdr p)))
(while (> (setq arg (1- arg)) 0)
(setq p (if p (cdr p) (cdr active))))
(goto-char (aref (car (or p active)) 2))))))
(defun calc-embedded-previous (arg)
(interactive "p")
(calc-embedded-next (- (prefix-numeric-value arg))))
(defun calc-embedded-new-formula ()
(and (eq major-mode 'calc-mode)
(error "This command should be used in a normal editing buffer"))
(if calc-embedded-info
(calc-embedded nil))
(let (calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot)
(if (and (eq (preceding-char) ?\n)
(string-match "\\`\n" calc-embedded-open-new-formula))
(setq calc-embed-outer-top (1- (point)))
(forward-char -1)
(insert (substring calc-embedded-open-new-formula 1)))
(setq calc-embed-outer-top (point))
(insert calc-embedded-open-new-formula))
(setq calc-embed-top (point))
(insert " ")
(setq calc-embed-bot (point))
(insert calc-embedded-close-new-formula)
(if (and (eq (following-char) ?\n)
(string-match "\n\\'" calc-embedded-close-new-formula))
(delete-char 1))
(setq calc-embed-outer-bot (point))
(goto-char calc-embed-top)
(let ((calc-embedded-quiet 'x))
(calc-embedded calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot))))
(defun calc-embedded-forget ()
(setq calc-embedded-active (delq (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active)
(calc-embedded-active-state nil))
;; The variables calc-embed-prev-modes is local to calc-embedded-update,
;; but is used by calc-embedded-set-modes.
(defvar calc-embed-prev-modes)
(defun calc-embedded-set-modes (gmodes modes local-modes &optional temp)
(let ((the-language (calc-embedded-language))
(the-display-just (calc-embedded-justify))
(v gmodes)
(changed nil)
found value)
(while v
(or (symbolp (car v))
(and (setq found (assq (car (car v)) modes))
(not (eq (cdr found) 'default)))
(and (setq found (assq (car (car v)) local-modes))
(not (eq (cdr found) 'default)))
(if (eq (setq value (cdr (car v))) 'default)
(setq value (list (nth 1 (assq (car (car v)) calc-mode-var-list)))))
(equal (symbol-value (car (car v))) value))
(setq changed t)
(if temp (setq calc-embed-prev-modes
(cons (cons (car (car v))
(symbol-value (car (car v))))
(set (car (car v)) value)))
(setq v (cdr v)))
(setq v modes)
(while v
(or (and (setq found (assq (car (car v)) local-modes))
(not (eq (cdr found) 'default)))
(eq (setq value (cdr (car v))) 'default)
(equal (symbol-value (car (car v))) value)
(setq changed t)
(if temp (setq calc-embed-prev-modes (cons (cons (car (car v))
(symbol-value (car (car v))))
(set (car (car v)) value)))
(setq v (cdr v)))
(setq v local-modes)
(while v
(or (eq (setq value (cdr (car v))) 'default)
(equal (symbol-value (car (car v))) value)
(setq changed t)
(if temp (setq calc-embed-prev-modes (cons (cons (car (car v))
(symbol-value (car (car v))))
(set (car (car v)) value)))
(setq v (cdr v)))
(and changed (not (eq temp t))
(calc-embedded-set-justify the-display-just)
(calc-embedded-set-language the-language)))
(and changed (not temp)
(setq calc-full-float-format (list (if (eq (car calc-float-format)
(car calc-float-format))
(defun calc-embedded-language ()
(if calc-language-option
(list calc-language calc-language-option)
(defun calc-embedded-set-language (lang)
(let ((option nil))
(if (consp lang)
(setq option (nth 1 lang)
lang (car lang)))
(or (and (eq lang calc-language)
(equal option calc-language-option))
(calc-set-language lang option t))))
(defun calc-embedded-justify ()
(if calc-display-origin
(list calc-display-just calc-display-origin)
(defun calc-embedded-set-justify (just)
(if (consp just)
(setq calc-display-origin (nth 1 just)
calc-display-just (car just))
(setq calc-display-just just
calc-display-origin nil)))
(defun calc-find-globals ()
(and (eq major-mode 'calc-mode)
(error "This command should be used in a normal editing buffer"))
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-globals)
(let ((case-fold-search nil)
(modes nil)
(save-pt (point))
found value)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "\\[calc-global-mode: *\\([-a-z]+\\): *\\(\"\\([^\"\n\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"\\|[- ()a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)\\]" nil t)
(and (setq found (assoc (buffer-substring (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1))
(or (assq (cdr found) modes)
(setq modes (cons (cons (cdr found)
(car (read-from-string
(match-beginning 2)
(match-end 2)))))
(setq calc-embedded-globals (cons t modes))
(goto-char save-pt)))
(defun calc-embedded-find-modes ()
(let ((case-fold-search nil)
(save-pt (point))
(no-defaults t)
(modes nil)
(emodes nil)
(pmodes nil)
found value)
(while (and no-defaults (search-backward "[calc-" nil t))
(forward-char 6)
(or (and (looking-at "mode: *\\([-a-z]+\\): *\\(\"\\([^\"\n\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"\\|[- ()a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)]")
(setq found (assoc (buffer-substring (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1))
(or (assq (cdr found) modes)
(setq modes (cons (cons (cdr found)
(car (read-from-string
(match-beginning 2)
(match-end 2)))))
(and (looking-at "perm-mode: *\\([-a-z]+\\): *\\(\"\\([^\"\n\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"\\|[- ()a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)]")
(setq found (assoc (buffer-substring (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1))
(or (assq (cdr found) pmodes)
(setq pmodes (cons (cons (cdr found)
(car (read-from-string
(match-beginning 2)
(match-end 2)))))
(and (looking-at "edit-mode: *\\([-a-z]+\\): *\\(\"\\([^\"\n\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"\\|[- ()a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)]")
(setq found (assoc (buffer-substring (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1))
(or (assq (cdr found) emodes)
(setq emodes (cons (cons (cdr found)
(car (read-from-string
(match-beginning 2)
(match-end 2)))))
(and (looking-at "defaults]")
(setq no-defaults nil)))
(backward-char 6))
(goto-char save-pt)
(unless (assq 'the-language modes)
(let ((lang (assoc major-mode calc-language-alist)))
(if lang
(setq modes (cons (cons 'the-language (cdr lang))
(list modes emodes pmodes)))
;; The variable calc-embed-vars-used is local to calc-embedded-make-info,
;; calc-embedded-evaluate-expr and calc-embedded-update, but is
;; used by calc-embedded-find-vars, which is called by the above functions.
(defvar calc-embed-vars-used)
(defun calc-embedded-make-info (point cbuf fresh &optional
calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot
calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-outer-bot)
(let* ((bufentry (assq (current-buffer) calc-embedded-active))
(found bufentry)
(force (and fresh calc-embed-top (null (equal calc-embed-top '(t)))))
(fixed calc-embed-top)
(new-info nil)
info str)
(or found
(setq found (list (current-buffer))
calc-embedded-active (cons found calc-embedded-active)
calc-embedded-firsttime-buf t)
(let ((newann (assoc major-mode calc-embedded-announce-formula-alist))
(newform (assoc major-mode calc-embedded-open-close-formula-alist))
(newword (assoc major-mode calc-embedded-word-regexp-alist))
(newplain (assoc major-mode calc-embedded-open-close-plain-alist))
(assoc major-mode calc-embedded-open-close-new-formula-alist))
(newmode (assoc major-mode calc-embedded-open-close-mode-alist)))
(when newann
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-announce-formula)
(setq calc-embedded-announce-formula (cdr newann)))
(when newform
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-open-formula)
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-close-formula)
(setq calc-embedded-open-formula (nth 0 (cdr newform)))
(setq calc-embedded-close-formula (nth 1 (cdr newform))))
(when newword
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-word-regexp)
(setq calc-embedded-word-regexp (nth 1 newword)))
(when newplain
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-open-plain)
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-close-plain)
(setq calc-embedded-open-plain (nth 0 (cdr newplain)))
(setq calc-embedded-close-plain (nth 1 (cdr newplain))))
(when newnewform
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-open-new-formula)
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-close-new-formula)
(setq calc-embedded-open-new-formula (nth 0 (cdr newnewform)))
(setq calc-embedded-close-new-formula (nth 1 (cdr newnewform))))
(when newmode
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-open-mode)
(make-local-variable 'calc-embedded-close-mode)
(setq calc-embedded-open-mode (nth 0 (cdr newmode)))
(setq calc-embedded-close-mode (nth 1 (cdr newmode)))))))
(while (and (cdr found)
(> point (aref (car (cdr found)) 3)))
(setq found (cdr found)))
(if (and (cdr found)
(>= point (aref (nth 1 found) 2)))
(setq info (nth 1 found))
(setq calc-embedded-firsttime-formula t)
(setq info (make-vector 16 nil)
new-info t
fresh t)
(aset info 0 (current-buffer))
(aset info 1 (or cbuf (save-excursion
(if (and
(or (integerp calc-embed-top) (equal calc-embed-top '(4)))
(not calc-embed-bot))
; started with a user-supplied argument
(if (equal calc-embed-top '(4))
(aset info 2 (copy-marker (line-beginning-position)))
(aset info 3 (copy-marker (line-end-position))))
(if (= (setq calc-embed-arg (prefix-numeric-value calc-embed-arg)) 0)
(aset info 2 (copy-marker (region-beginning)))
(aset info 3 (copy-marker (region-end))))
(aset info (if (> calc-embed-arg 0) 2 3) (point-marker))
(if (> calc-embed-arg 0)
(forward-line (1- calc-embed-arg))
(forward-line (1+ calc-embed-arg)))
(aset info (if (> calc-embed-arg 0) 3 2) (point-marker))))
(aset info 4 (copy-marker (aref info 2)))
(aset info 5 (copy-marker (aref info 3))))
(if (aref info 4)
(setq calc-embed-top (aref info 2)
fixed calc-embed-top)
(if (consp calc-embed-top)
(require 'thingatpt)
(if (thing-at-point-looking-at calc-embedded-word-regexp)
(setq calc-embed-top (copy-marker (match-beginning 0)))
(setq calc-embed-bot (copy-marker (match-end 0)))
(setq calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-top)
(setq calc-embed-outer-bot calc-embed-bot))
(setq calc-embed-top (point-marker))
(setq calc-embed-bot (point-marker))
(setq calc-embed-outer-top calc-embed-top)
(setq calc-embed-outer-bot calc-embed-bot)))
(or calc-embed-top
(calc-embedded-find-bounds 'plain)))
(aset info 2 (copy-marker (min calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot)))
(aset info 3 (copy-marker (max calc-embed-top calc-embed-bot)))
(aset info 4 (copy-marker (or calc-embed-outer-top (aref info 2))))
(aset info 5 (copy-marker (or calc-embed-outer-bot (aref info 3))))))
(goto-char (aref info 2))
(if new-info
(or (bolp) (aset info 7 t))
(goto-char (aref info 3))
(or (bolp) (eolp) (aset info 7 t))))
(if fresh
(let ((modes (calc-embedded-find-modes)))
(aset info 12 (car modes))
(aset info 13 (nth 1 modes))
(aset info 14 (nth 2 modes))))
(aset info 15 calc-embedded-globals)
(setq str (buffer-substring (aref info 2) (aref info 3)))
(if (or force
(not (equal str (aref info 6))))
(if (and fixed (aref info 6))
(aset info 4 nil)
(calc-embedded-make-info point cbuf nil)
(setq new-info nil))
(let* ((open-plain calc-embedded-open-plain)
(close-plain calc-embedded-close-plain)
(pref-len (length open-plain))
(calc-embed-vars-used nil)
suff-pos val temp)
(with-current-buffer (aref info 1)
(calc-embedded-set-modes (aref info 15)
(aref info 12) (aref info 14))
(if (and (> (length str) pref-len)
(equal (substring str 0 pref-len) open-plain)
(setq suff-pos (string-match (regexp-quote close-plain)
str pref-len)))
(setq val (math-read-plain-expr
(substring str pref-len suff-pos)))
(if (string-match "[^ \t\n]" str)
(setq pref-len 0
val (condition-case nil
(math-read-big-expr str)
(error (math-read-expr str))))
(setq val nil))))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'error)
(setq val (list 'error
(+ (aref info 2) pref-len (nth 1 val))
(nth 2 val))))
(aset info 6 str)
(aset info 8 val)
(setq temp val)
(if (eq (car-safe temp) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(setq temp (nth 1 temp))
(if (eq (car-safe temp) 'error)
(if new-info
(setq new-info nil)
(setcdr found (delq info (cdr found)))
(calc-embedded-active-state 'less))))
(aset info 9 (and (eq (car-safe temp) 'calcFunc-assign)
(nth 1 temp)))
(if (memq (car-safe val) '(calcFunc-evalto calcFunc-assign))
(calc-embedded-find-vars val))
(aset info 10 calc-embed-vars-used)
(aset info 11 nil))))
(if new-info
(setcdr found (cons info (cdr found)))
(calc-embedded-active-state 'more)))
(defun calc-embedded-find-vars (x)
(cond ((Math-primp x)
(and (eq (car-safe x) 'var)
(not (assoc x calc-embed-vars-used))
(setq calc-embed-vars-used (cons (list x) calc-embed-vars-used))))
((eq (car x) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(calc-embedded-find-vars (nth 1 x)))
((eq (car x) 'calcFunc-assign)
(calc-embedded-find-vars (nth 2 x)))
(and (eq (car x) 'calcFunc-subscr)
(eq (car-safe (nth 1 x)) 'var)
(Math-primp (nth 2 x))
(not (assoc x calc-embed-vars-used))
(setq calc-embed-vars-used (cons (list x) calc-embed-vars-used)))
(while (setq x (cdr x))
(calc-embedded-find-vars (car x))))))
(defvar math-ms-args)
(defun calc-embedded-evaluate-expr (x)
(let ((calc-embed-vars-used (aref calc-embedded-info 10)))
(or calc-embed-vars-used (calc-embedded-find-vars x))
(if calc-embed-vars-used
(let ((active (assq (aref calc-embedded-info 0) calc-embedded-active))
(math-ms-args nil))
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t)
(or active
(setq active (assq (aref calc-embedded-info 0)
(while calc-embed-vars-used
(calc-embedded-eval-get-var (car (car calc-embed-vars-used)) active)
(setq calc-embed-vars-used (cdr calc-embed-vars-used))))
(calc-embedded-subst x))
(calc-normalize (math-evaluate-expr-rec x)))))
(defun calc-embedded-subst (x)
(if (and (eq (car-safe x) 'calcFunc-evalto) (cdr x))
(let ((rhs (calc-embedded-subst (nth 1 x))))
(list 'calcFunc-evalto
(nth 1 x)
(if (eq (car-safe rhs) 'calcFunc-assign) (nth 2 rhs) rhs)))
(if (and (eq (car-safe x) 'calcFunc-assign) (= (length x) 3))
(list 'calcFunc-assign
(nth 1 x)
(calc-embedded-subst (nth 2 x)))
(calc-normalize (math-evaluate-expr-rec (math-multi-subst-rec x))))))
(defun calc-embedded-eval-get-var (var base)
(let ((entry base)
(point (aref calc-embedded-info 2))
(last nil)
(while (and (setq entry (cdr entry))
(or (not (equal var (aref (car entry) 9)))
(and (> point (aref (car entry) 3))
(setq last entry)))))
(if last
(setq entry last))
(if entry
(setq entry (car entry))
(if (equal (buffer-substring (aref entry 2) (aref entry 3))
(aref entry 6))
(or (aref entry 11)
(calc-embedded-update entry 14 t nil)))
(setq val (aref entry 11))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(setq val (nth 2 val)))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-assign)
(setq val (nth 2 val)))
(setq math-ms-args (cons (cons var val) math-ms-args)))
(calc-embedded-eval-get-var var base))))))
(defun calc-embedded-update (info which need-eval need-display
&optional str entry old-val)
(let* ((calc-embed-prev-modes nil)
(open-plain calc-embedded-open-plain)
(close-plain calc-embedded-close-plain)
(calc-embed-vars-used nil)
(evalled nil)
(val (aref info 8))
(old-eval (aref info 11)))
(or old-val (setq old-val val))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(setq need-display t))
(set-buffer (aref info 1))
(and which
(calc-embedded-set-modes (aref info 15) (aref info 12)
(aref info which)
(if need-display 'full t)))
(if (memq (car-safe val) '(calcFunc-evalto calcFunc-assign))
(calc-embedded-find-vars val))
(if need-eval
(let ((calc-embedded-info info))
(setq val (math-evaluate-expr val)
evalled val)))
(if (or (eq need-eval 'eval) (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-evalto))
(aset info 8 val))
(aset info 9 nil)
(aset info 10 calc-embed-vars-used)
(aset info 11 nil)
(if (or need-display (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-evalto))
(let ((extra (if (eq calc-language 'big) 1 0)))
(or entry (setq entry (list val 1 nil)))
(or str (progn
(setq str (let ((calc-line-numbering nil))
(math-format-stack-value entry)))
(if (eq calc-language 'big)
(setq str (substring str 0 -1)))))
(and calc-show-plain
(setq str (concat open-plain
(math-format-flat-expr val 0))
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t info)
(or (equal str (aref info 6))
(let ((delta (- (aref info 5) (aref info 3)))
(adjbot 0)
(buffer-read-only nil))
(goto-char (aref info 2))
(delete-region (point) (aref info 3))
(and (> (nth 1 entry) (1+ extra))
(aref info 7)
(if (looking-at "\n")
;; If there's a newline there, don't add one
(insert "\n")
(insert "\n\n")
(setq adjbot 1)
; (setq delta (1+ delta))
(backward-char 1))))
(insert str)
(set-marker (aref info 3) (+ (point) adjbot))
(set-marker (aref info 5) (+ (point) delta))
(aset info 6 str))))))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(setq evalled (nth 2 val)
val (nth 1 val))))
(if (eq (car-safe val) 'calcFunc-assign)
(aset info 9 (nth 1 val))
(aset info 11 (or evalled
(let ((calc-embedded-info info))
(math-evaluate-expr (nth 2 val)))))
(or (equal old-eval (aref info 11))
(calc-embedded-var-change (nth 1 val) (aref info 0))))
(if (eq (car-safe old-val) 'calcFunc-evalto)
(setq old-val (nth 1 old-val)))
(if (eq (car-safe old-val) 'calcFunc-assign)
(calc-embedded-var-change (nth 1 old-val) (aref info 0)))))
(set-buffer (aref info 1))
(while calc-embed-prev-modes
(cond ((eq (car (car calc-embed-prev-modes)) 'the-language)
(if need-display
(calc-embedded-set-language (cdr (car calc-embed-prev-modes)))))
((eq (car (car calc-embed-prev-modes)) 'the-display-just)
(if need-display
(calc-embedded-set-justify (cdr (car calc-embed-prev-modes)))))
(set (car (car calc-embed-prev-modes))
(cdr (car calc-embed-prev-modes)))))
(setq calc-embed-prev-modes (cdr calc-embed-prev-modes))))))
;;; These are hooks called by the main part of Calc.
(defvar calc-embedded-no-reselect nil)
(defun calc-embedded-select-buffer ()
(if (eq (current-buffer) (aref calc-embedded-info 0))
(let ((info calc-embedded-info)
horiz vert)
(if (and (or (< (point) (aref info 4))
(> (point) (aref info 5)))
(not calc-embedded-no-reselect))
(let ((calc-embedded-quiet t))
(message "(Switching Calc Embedded mode to new formula.)")
(calc-embedded nil)
(calc-embedded nil)))
(setq horiz (max (min (current-column) (- (point) (aref info 2))) 0)
vert (if (<= (aref info 2) (point))
(- (count-lines (aref info 2) (point))
(if (bolp) 0 1))
(set-buffer (aref info 1))
(if calc-show-plain
(if (= vert 0)
(setq horiz 0)
(setq vert (1- vert))))
(calc-cursor-stack-index 1)
(if calc-line-numbering
(setq horiz (+ horiz 4)))
(if (> vert 0)
(forward-line vert))
(forward-char (min horiz
(- (point-max) (point)))))
(defun calc-embedded-finish-command ()
(let ((buf (current-buffer))
horiz vert)
(with-current-buffer (aref calc-embedded-info 1)
(if (> (calc-stack-size) 0)
(let ((pt (point))
(col (current-column))
(bol (bolp)))
(calc-cursor-stack-index 0)
(if (< pt (point))
(calc-cursor-stack-index 1)
(if (>= pt (point))
(setq horiz (- col (if calc-line-numbering 4 0))
vert (- (count-lines (point) pt)
(if bol 0 1)))
(if calc-show-plain
(setq vert (max 1 (1+ vert))))))))
(goto-char pt))))
(if horiz
(set-buffer (aref calc-embedded-info 0))
(goto-char (aref calc-embedded-info 2))
(if (> vert 0)
(forward-line vert))
(forward-char (max horiz 0))
(set-buffer buf)))))
(defun calc-embedded-stack-change ()
(or calc-executing-macro
(with-current-buffer (aref calc-embedded-info 1)
(let* ((info calc-embedded-info)
(extra-line (if (eq calc-language 'big) 1 0))
(the-point (point))
(empty (= (calc-stack-size) 0))
(entry (if empty
(list '(var empty var-empty) 1 nil)
(calc-top 1 'entry)))
(old-val (aref info 8))
top bot str)
(if empty
(setq str "empty")
(calc-cursor-stack-index 1)
(setq top (point))
(calc-cursor-stack-index 0)
(setq bot (- (point) extra-line))
(setq str (buffer-substring top (- bot 1))))
(if calc-line-numbering
(let ((pos 0))
(setq str (substring str 4))
(while (setq pos (string-match "\n...." str pos))
(setq str (concat (substring str 0 (1+ pos))
(substring str (+ pos 5)))
pos (1+ pos))))))
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t)
(aset info 8 (car entry))
(calc-embedded-update info 13 nil t str entry old-val)))))
(defun calc-embedded-mode-line-change ()
(let ((str mode-line-buffer-identification))
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t)
(setq mode-line-buffer-identification str)
(set-buffer-modified-p (buffer-modified-p)))))
(defun calc-embedded-modes-change (vars)
(if (eq (car vars) 'calc-language) (setq vars '(the-language)))
(if (eq (car vars) 'calc-display-just) (setq vars '(the-display-just)))
(while (and vars
(not (rassq (car vars) calc-embedded-mode-vars)))
(setq vars (cdr vars)))
(if (and vars calc-mode-save-mode (not (eq calc-mode-save-mode 'save)))
(let* ((save-mode calc-mode-save-mode)
(header (if (eq save-mode 'local)
(format "calc-%s-mode:" save-mode)))
(the-language (calc-embedded-language))
(the-display-just (calc-embedded-justify))
(values (mapcar 'symbol-value vars))
(num (cond ((eq save-mode 'local) 12)
((eq save-mode 'edit) 13)
((eq save-mode 'perm) 14)
(t nil)))
base limit mname mlist)
(calc-embedded-original-buffer t)
(if (eq save-mode 'global)
(setq base (point-max)
limit (point-min)
mlist calc-embedded-globals)
(goto-char (aref calc-embedded-info 4))
(setq base (point)
limit (max (- (point) 1000) (point-min))
mlist (and num (aref calc-embedded-info num)))
(and (re-search-backward
(format "\\(%s\\)[^\001]*\\(%s\\)\\|\\[calc-defaults]"
calc-embedded-close-formula) limit t)
(setq limit (point))))
(while vars
(goto-char base)
(if (setq mname (car (rassq (car vars)
(let ((buffer-read-only nil)
(found (assq (car vars) mlist)))
(if found
(setcdr found (car values))
(setq mlist (cons (cons (car vars) (car values)) mlist))
(if num
(aset calc-embedded-info num mlist)
(if (eq save-mode 'global)
(setq calc-embedded-globals mlist))))
(if (re-search-backward
(format "\\[%s *%s: *\\(\"\\([^\"\n\\]\\|\\\\.\\)*\"\\|[- ()a-zA-Z0-9]+\\)]"
header mname)
limit t)
(goto-char (match-beginning 1))
(delete-region (point) (match-end 1))
(insert (prin1-to-string (car values))))
(goto-char base)
"[" header " " mname ": "
(prin1-to-string (car values)) "]"
(setq vars (cdr vars)
values (cdr values))))))
(when (and vars (eq calc-mode-save-mode 'save))
(defun calc-embedded-var-change (var &optional buf)
(if (symbolp var)
(setq var (list 'var
(if (string-match "\\`var-.+\\'"
(symbol-name var))
(intern (substring (symbol-name var) 4))
(let ((manual (not calc-auto-recompute))
(bp calc-embedded-active)
(first t))
(if buf (setq bp (memq (assq buf bp) bp)))
(while bp
(let ((calc-embedded-no-reselect t)
(p (and (buffer-name (car (car bp)))
(cdr (car bp)))))
(while p
(if (assoc var (aref (car p) 10))
(if manual
(if (aref (car p) 11)
(aset (car p) 11 nil)
(if (aref (car p) 9)
(calc-embedded-var-change (aref (car p) 9)))))
(set-buffer (aref (car p) 0))
(if (equal (buffer-substring (aref (car p) 2)
(aref (car p) 3))
(aref (car p) 6))
(let ((calc-embedded-info nil))
(or calc-embedded-quiet
(message "Recomputing..."))
(setq first nil)
(set-buffer (aref (car p) 0))
(calc-embedded-update (car p) 14 t nil)))
(setcdr (car bp) (delq (car p) (cdr (car bp))))
"(Tried to recompute but formula was changed or missing)"))))
(setq p (cdr p))))
(setq bp (if buf nil (cdr bp))))
(or first calc-embedded-quiet (message "")))))
(provide 'calc-embed)
;; Local variables:
;; generated-autoload-file: "calc-loaddefs.el"
;; End:
;;; calc-embed.el ends here
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