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Emacs Mac Port

What is this?

Official repository:

This is "Mac port" addition to GNU Emacs 27. This provides a native GUI support for Mac OS X 10.6 - macOS 10.15. Note that Emacs 23 and later already contain the official GUI support via the NS (Cocoa) port. So if it is good enough for you, then you don't need to try this.


If you find a bug, then please try to reproduce it with some official builds such as X11 or NS (Cocoa). If it turns out to be specific to the Mac port, then please report it to Otherwise (i.e., it is also reproducible with official ones), report it using M-x report-emacs-bug USING THE OFFICIAL BUILD as such.


This build has many features, a great number of which are particularly helpful for Mac users. You can see the full list here.

Installation options


If you'd like to install with Homebrew, please

$ brew tap railwaycat/emacsmacport

and then

$ brew install emacs-mac

if you using cask

brew cask install emacs-mac or brew cask install emacs-mac-spacemacs-icon

To disable this tap, please:

$ brew untap railwaycat/emacsmacport

Pre-built Download

Pre-built for macOS 10.13(High Sierra)/10.14(Mojave) and above, please download based on your macOS version. Due to the limitation of Travis-CI, pre-built for macOS before 10.13 is not supported for now, please install by homebrew (not brew cask) in case you are using an older version macOS.

Useful links

Included Patches Information

  • No title bar --with-no-title-bars
    Enabled by default when build with this patch. This feature can been controled by mac-use-title-bar, a boolean with default value false. Value settings will been used in new frame after Emacs started. (<- yes this is a bug).

  • Natural title bar --with-natural-title-bar
    Disabled by default when build with this patch, more information see this wiki page

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