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Hello copypastel!

Deploy instructions

GitHub — Team, Repo

git clone

Nodejitsu — More details, Handbook

npm install -g jitsu
jitsu login --username nko3-copypastel --password amUB+C96pHJw0kRI
jitsu deploy


Vote KO Widget

Vote KO widget

Use our "Vote KO" widget to let from your app directly. Here's the code for including it in your site:

<iframe src="" frameborder=0 scrolling=no allowtransparency=true width=115 height=25>

Tutorials & Free Services

If you're feeling a bit lost about how to get started or what to use, we've got some great resources for you.

First, we've pulled together a great set of tutorials about some of node's best and most useful libraries:

Also, we've got a bunch of great free services provided by sponsors, including:

Have fun!

If you have any issues, we're on IRC in #nodeknockout and #nodejitsu on freenode, email us at, or tweet @node_knockout.