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Transaction Monad

Monad for managed transactions. Defines the type DataSource for getting arbitrary "connections" and Commitable for connections that can be either commited or rolled back. Automatically commits all connections after successful execution. Performs rollback on all connections if any exception is thrown.

The Example.hs file gives an example dummy datasource implementation and demonstrates Transaction monad usage. It's as simple as this:

module Example where

import Transactional

data Connection = Connection { query :: String -> Transaction String }

dummyDataSource :: DataSource (Connection)
dummyDataSource = DataSource $ return (Connection dummyQuery, dummyCommitable)

dummyQuery "DELETE FROM USERS" = do
  liftIO $ putStrLn $ "querying.."
  return "lol"

dummyCommitable = toCommitable (putStrLn "commit") (putStrLn "rollback")

okTransaction :: IO ()
okTransaction = transactionally $ do
  conn <- getConnection dummyDataSource
  queryResult <- query conn "DELETE FROM USERS"
  liftIO $ putStrLn $ "got result: " ++ queryResult 

failingTransaction :: IO ()
failingTransaction = transactionally $ do
  conn <- getConnection dummyDataSource
  query conn "DROP TABLE USERS"
  return ()

If you run this in GHCI, you see how connections are commited and rolled back automatically:

*Example> okTransaction 
got result: lol

*Example> failingTransaction 
*** Exception: Example.hs:(10,1)-(12,14): Non-exhaustive patterns in function dummyConnection