Access the pass(1) password store from an Openbox menu
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This repository provides a script to access to the passwords saved in the password manager pass(1) directly from the window manager Openbox with a custom menu.

Screenshot of openbox-passmenu


$ git clone
$ cd openbox-passmenu
$ make


Add the following snippet into the <menu> section in your Openbox configuration (usually at ~/.config/openbox/*rc.xml):


Also configure a keybinding to open the menu in <keyboard>:

  <keybind key=\"W-p\">
    <action name=\"ShowMenu\">

Finally, load the new configuration and try out the keybinding:

$ openbox --reconfigure

Credits and License

This project was inspired by passmenu, a script to access the pass password store from dmenu.

openbox-passmenu is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for details.