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  1. rainbow-mind-machine rainbow-mind-machine Public

    🌈 The extensible framework for Twitter bot flocks.

    Python 6 1

  2. russian-rainbow-mind-machine russian-rainbow-mind-machine Public

    Welcome comrades to project Ру́сский-Радуга-ум-машина for greaterment of twitter by translate rainbow mind machine twitter bot framework documentation into Russian. for 🇷🇺 with ❤️. За Ру́сский!

    Python 3

  3. embarcadero-mind-machine embarcadero-mind-machine Public

    🚇 The extensible framework for Github bot flocks.

    Python 2 1

  4. boring-mind-machine boring-mind-machine Public

    🚪 Boring base classes for building awesome bot flocks!

    Python 2

  5. mind-machine-docs mind-machine-docs Public

    Documentation about the mind machine concept, transcluded by all mind machine documentation.

  6. Public

    a blog about rainbow mind machine


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