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openwhisk-wrapper: Haskell-based OpenWhisk services


  • A library which wraps functions as OpenWhisk services (based on dockerSkeleton).

  • An example using split docker images:

    • Build phase: based on haskell:7.10.3 image
    • Deploy phase: uses haskell-scratch image


  1. Write the logic of your service, which should be a function with type Value -> IO (Maybe Value)

    myService :: Value -> IO (Maybe Value) -- consumes and produces JSON objects
    myService = pure . Right . id -- service logic, e.g. this echoes input data
  2. Wrap your service with openwhiskWrapper function (see Network.OpenWhisk module)

    main :: IO ()
    main = openwhiskWrapper myService
  3. Create docker image (see Dockerfile and script)

  4. Upload the image to docker hub

  5. Use wsk utility in order to instantiate an action with your image.

    wsk action update --docker action-name docker-hub-user/docker-hub-image