Code smell detector for Ruby in Vim
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Code smell detector for Ruby in Vim.

Reek is a tool that examines Ruby classes, modules and methods and reports any code smells it finds.


Open any Ruby file and you will be able to see the messages using the location list (e.g. by invoking :lopen or :ll). See more about location using :help location-list or see the online documention.


Always Show

By default, any messages are shown when a file is loaded or saved. If you want to only show messages when you open the location list, set the following in your .vimrc file:

let g:reek_always_show = 0

By default, messages are always shown.

Line Limit

Checking large files (> 1000 lines) can take a while. To load larger files quicker, you can limit maximum number of lines a file can have and still be checked. Files bigger than this limit will not be checked:

let g:reek_line_limit = 1000

With no line limit set, all files will be checked.

Check on demand

To only check files on demand, set:

let g:reek_on_loading = 0

And then, to check the currently displayed file, call:


Location list will open in a new buffer.


Place the plugin/reek.vim file in your .vim/plugin directory. Please make sure that reek is up-to-date.

This plugin is also compatible with pathogen. Integration can be implemented similar to syntastic (where you also can find a nice set-up guide in the README)


Copyright (c) Rainer Borene. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.