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commit 0a42328a6f68607229d655f1bb191f22d46f3f1e 1 parent 8666f32
@giselher giselher authored
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  1. +5 −4 src/helpers/
9 src/helpers/
@@ -183,26 +183,27 @@ def record(self):
Records the call stack and gdb executions for reverse debugging
- return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-record", \
+ # FIXME: find the real mi command!
+ return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-interpreter-exec console rec", \
"Could not record the process.")
def next_(self):
return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-next")
def reverse_next(self):
- return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-reverse-next")
+ return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-next --reverse")
def step(self):
return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-step")
def reverse_step(self):
- return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-reverse-step")
+ return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-step --reverse")
def cont(self):
return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-continue")
def reverse_cont(self):
- return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-reverse-continue")
+ return self.executeAndRaiseIfFailed("-exec-continue --reverse")
def interrupt(self):
# TODO: check if it also works in windows
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