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This is the CHANGES file for visuald, a
Visual Studio package providing both project management and language services
Copyright (c) 2010 by Rainer Schuetze, All Rights Reserved
Version history
2010-04-13 Version 0.3.1
* initial release
2010-04-14 Version 0.3.2
* added switch "use other compiler" to project settings
* disabled settings if respective enable switch is off
2010-04-18 Version 0.3.3
* now shows full version in about box
* added README, LICENSE and CHANGES to installer
* added DnD inside project
* fixed registration of D templates for "New File"
* fixed multi-hreading issue, e.g. causing find in entire solution to fail
* added "Clean" project
* cleaned up and added more project templates
2010-04-20 Version 0.3.4
* added support for command Edit.InvokeSnippetFromShortcut
* installer now requests admin execution level, so it does not fail on Vista or
* removed VS Express version from installer
2010-04-22 Version 0.3.5
* added cv2pdb to installer
* support for operations on multiselection in solution explorer
* added option "D 2.043" to pass corresponding flag to cv2pdb
* macros in all debug options are now expanded
* fixed crashes on COM objects that were garbage-collected while still in use
2010-04-26 Version 0.3.6
* fixed COM and memory leaks
* projects with a lot of files now build with response files
* when only removing file or changing folder name, project was not saved
* support for operation "Rebuild"
* option "other compiler" and map file were not quoted when containing spaces
* added build logging to $(IntDir)\buildlog.html
without spaces
2010-04-27 Version 0.3.7
* force CR/LF pairs in batch commands instead of LF only end-of-line.
2010-05-08 Version 0.3.8
* added function parameter tooltips
* fix: resource files would not be updated when used with tool "Auto"
* fix: custom built files always added to linker command line
* fix: fixed initialization exception when no windows-SDK installed
* fix: build only worked as admin on x64
* fix: spurious crashes on x64
* improved WindowsApp project template (added libs, sets application subsystem)
2010-05-28 Version 0.3.9
* new file/symbol search window
* word-completion can now be expanded to symbol lookup by pressing Ctrl-Space again
* installation now reenables package, in case you told VS to skip loading it
* now using machine-translated SDK instead of
* fixed COM leak
* fix: file opened through "goto definition"/"find in files" sometimes warns
"already opened in editor"
* fix: "goto error" sometimes would not jump to error with message
"cannot find the file specified"
* fix: last version would not let you select any but the first entry of an
expansion list
* symbol information now updated after project load, it's no longer necessary
to build once
2010-06-03 Version 0.3.10
* updated to cv2pdb 0.13 which allows debugging under plain VS2010 and is
more stable when evaluating arrays in the debugger
* now built with debug symbols to allow crash analysis. See
[downloads/] for symbols for the latest version
* fix: project property dialog did not popup with saved D version
* added the possibility to stop a build
* new logo now used in about box
2010-06-10 Version 0.3.11
* error messages now forwarded to error list
* Visual D settings now stored in the user area of the registry
* added library search path to project settings (you need to append ";%LIB%" to
the LIB setting in DMD's sc.ini for this to work)
* command VisualD.ShowScope now displays the scope of the caret in the
status line
* Visual D now creates its own menu, expecting to be filled with more commands
in the future and to avoid cluttering other menus
* Search window commands are now called VisualD.SearchFile and VisualD.SearchSymbol
(you might need to reassign keyboard shortcuts)
* Thanks to Alix Pexton, the web site has a professional looking new logo.
2010-06-25 Version 0.3.12
* stricter string handling to avoid crashes when launching debugger in VS2010
* the windows application template's substem version now defaults to 4.0
* added new project item template for package creating both folder in project and
directory on disk
* if a directory exists with the name of the folder, the default location
of a new project item now defaults to this directory
* renaming a file in the project renames it on disk aswell
* improved build process, it should now be possible to compile Visual D following
the instruction on
* updated to cv2pdb 0.14.
2010-07-09 Version 0.3.13
* renaming a file in the project did not ensure the project to be saved
* dragging a directory into the project now creates a folder and adds all files and
folders found in that directory but those that start with "."
* added project option "Enable informational warnings" (dmd option -wi)
* resource files now have command "View Code"
* fix: completion did not detect beginning of word at line end
* fix: skipping through a string literal with ctrl-left/right skipped the whole string
* now handling some optional project properties to keep AnkhSvn happy.
* SCC status of project items is now shown (but not updated yet)
* minor tweak of the ConsoleApp template
* more files translated from the Windows SDK
* now using label "reportError" instead of "xit" in build batches
* options with multiple arguments are now delimited by both ';' and white spaces, use
quotes if any of these need to be part of a file name
2010-07-23 Version 0.3.14
* fixed parameter tooltips on VS2010
* fixed debugger data tooltips on VS2010
* fixed handling of quoted file/path names
* updated bitmaps in aboutbox and templates to the website logo
* added command VisualD.ParameterInfo to avoid hook by Visual Assist
* fixed import completion for packages accessed through project import path settings
* goto definition now displays error in status line if no definition found or opening source file fails
* now jumping to definition if multiple definitions exist on the same line
* brace highlighting now shows error in status line for mismatched brackets
* brace highlighting now also shows begin/end of block comments
* fixed pasting html text not omitting format information
* now using environment variable DMD_LIB to pass library path to DMD, please update DMDs sc.ini accordingly
* now build checks whether output files are actually created to avoid silent link failure
* generating JSON output is now the default setting for new projects
2010-08-11 Version 0.3.15
* when reading import paths from sc.ini, the directory is determined by searching dmd.exe
through the executable paths setting and the PATH environment variable
* fixed freeze when searching indentation level for smart indent (might also affect brace
* now packaged with cv2pdb 0.16.
* fixed crash when running along-side the Qt-Addin for Visual Studio
2010-09-24 Version 0.3.16
* now Visual D itself also compiles against VSI SDK for Visual Studio 2010 and Windows SDK v7.1
* empty dependency file now causes rebuild
* new command "Build phobos browse info"
* added support for Mago debugger
* fixed dmd option for profiling
* fixed bad status message for matching parenthesis
* now supports command comment/uncomment selected lines
* improved smart indentation
* block re-indentation now works as a single command with respect to undo/redo
* now packaged with cv2pdb 0.17
* fixed loading DLLs (including Visual D) on Windows Server 2003
* now installer includes Mago debugger
* new profiler window to display trace.log
* fixed bad variable replacement when building project name shorter than 4 characters
2010-09-29 Version 0.3.17
* improved support for mercurial-scc, AnkhSVN and VisualHG
* (un)comment/format selection did not work with selection created from bottom to top
* (un)comment selection now works similer to C++ always adding/removing comments, toggle
comments is now a new Visual D command
* fixed DLL loading on xp64
* command "Build phobos browse info" now uses $(APPDATA)\VisualD\json as the default path
to avoid access rights problems
* command "Build phobos browse info" now also works for D1
2010-10-22 Version 0.3.18
* linker errors with file name on the same line did not make it into the error list
* added color "Visual D Operator" to "Fonts and Colors" setup
* added version/debug colorizations (colors "Visual D Disabled ...")
* added q{} token string colorizations (colors "Visual D Token String ...")
* additional tools settings page under TextEditor->D->Colorizer
* fixed broken search file dialog introduced in last version
* project configuration: added single file compilation option
* project configuration: changed defaults for "file to clean" and "json path"
to better support single file compilation
* fixed incomplete parsing of escaped file names in dependency files
* improved dependency file parsing speed
* bugfix: imports with selective import symbols could miss from dependent import files
* now packaged with cv2pdb 0.18
* now packaged with new mago version, including better exception handling and
disassembly support
* fixed mago deinstallation, added mago to Visual Studio About Window
* added token identifier enumerator to lexer
2010-12-11 Version 0.3.19
* fixed [] being a single token confusing brace matching
* fixed some issues with detecting floating point numbers
* fixed issues with bad colorization state
* fixed crash when a project in a solution could no longer be found
* now packaged with cv2pdb 0.19
2010-12-29 Version 0.3.20
* basic outlining support (disable with check box on global text editor page
if it is causing trouble, manually activate it with "Outlining -> Collapse to Definitions")
* added build time output (set check box on global project option page)
* fixed missing newline after post build command
* fix: suffix L was not recognized on floats
* code completion and goto definition now also work in comments or strings
* ddoc files in project now also passed to DMD automatically
* support for generating modules.ddoc for CanDyDOC
2011-01-29 Version 0.3.21
* fix: identifiers extracted for GotoDefinition stopped at digits
* fix: clean removed ddoc files from the doc directory, but not html files
* added macro expansion to modules.ddoc setting
* added context menu to show paste ring buffer and insert from it
* brace highlighting now done in idle handling, so it also works when moving
the caret with the mouse
* brace matching now also includes strings and nested comments
* goto matching brace now implemented (the VS implementation does not work
well with D)
* completion: items are no longer displayed multiple times
* improved handling of unicode characters in environment and batch files
* installer now adds a "D Exception" to the "Win32 Exception" list to allow
the debugger to stop when a D exception is thrown
2011-02-27 Version 0.3.22
* Visual D now builds with DMD 2.052
* fixed WindowsApp template to build with DMD 2.052
* fixed some COM leaks
* paste ring menu no longer stops when repeating the first entry and
avoids duplicate entries
* new token search and replace dialog
* new compilation mode: compile and link in separate steps allowing multiple object files
* the option "Statement completion -> Parameter information" is now respected,
showing the parameter tooltip when writing the opening parenthesis
* smart-indent now respects the contents of the new line when inserting a line break
* now supporting the Code Definition Window
2011-03-09 Version 0.3.23
* fixed issue on x64 with threads without TLS that crept back in by migrating to DMD 2.052
* separate compile and link: removed -X,-D,-H from the link step to avoid creating empty files
* new compilation mode: compile only to set your link step manually in the post-build step
* jumping to errors in files that exist in several projects now jump to the correct source
2011-05-08 Version 0.3.24
* fixed crash when installing/uninstalling other Visual Studio plugins
* added menu entry "Open Website" to browse the visual D Website inside Visual Studio
* added support for Object Browser and Class View
* now runs a parser in the background to underline syntax errors
* fixed scanning of floating point literals starting with '.'
* default colors for identifiers, numbers and operators now follow the "Plain Text" setting
* new version 0.1.2 of mago that fixes some issues with exceptions and improves
the call stack display
* if a source file is used in multiple project, it is no longer opened multiple times in
the editor
* improved lookup speed in browse info, now removing duplicate entries for eponymous templates
* fixed issues with quoted arguments with trailing backslash in settings
* browse info now updated when JSON paths changed in global options
* fixed spurious crash when removing multiple lines
* now installs cv2pdb 0.21
2011-06-19 Version 0.3.25
* fixed version information of the DLL
* error list: warnings are no longer shown as errors
* project name added to buildlog.html to allow multiple projects with the same intermediate dir
* fixed highlighting of version(unittest) and debug without identifier
* friendlier error message if debug executable or working dir do not exist
* reduced parsing thread priority to interfere less with editing
* adjusted vsi2d to build with the latest VS2010 SDK
* Visual D now builds with DMD 2.053
* moved from to std.datetime to fix some time displays
* moved outlining into parse thread to reduce delays when editing large files
* added warning to library search path settings
* d-files now set to UTF8 encoding if not already marked by BOM
* fixed transparent window frame around dialogs in VS2010
* added drag'n'drop of project folders
* added support for "Stop Outlining" and "Toggle All Outlining"
* tweaked outlining for multi-dimensional arrays and token strings
* build order of custom/resource compilations now sorted by dependencies
* project items now sorted alphabetically
* fixed a few more issues with relative paths causing a source file to be opened twice in the editor
2011-08-25 Version 0.3.26
* fixed regression in last version: single file compilation did not build any d files
* single file compilation: avoid relinking every time
* seperate compile and link: no longer trashes dependencies in link step
* goto definition, search symbol: now line number adjusted according to changes since last successful build
* fix: resource files in sub folders would not build because the same folders were expected in the intermediate directory
* global settings: split page into directories/settings pages to make option "Show build time" accessible
* global settings: added option to disable sorting projects
* parser now accepts "do {} while(cond)" without trailing ';'
* project options macro $(PROJECTNAME) now uses the name in the solution instead of the project file name
* fixed bad indentation of first contract
* fixed colorization of first token after debug condition without arguments
* "is" now always colored as operator, not as keyword
* updated to build with dmd 2.055beta
2011-09-24 Version 0.3.27
* smart reindenting line when typing last char of sole "in", "out" and "body"
* tweaked smart indenting with respect to enumerators, arrays, labels and more
* paste a full line or more now causes automatic reindentation (global option to disable)
* fix: build phobos browse information broken in last version
* some internal errors are now reported to the output window (like failing to parse JSON file)
* fixed bad display when deleting characters from line with outlining
* automatic reindentation was not triggered when typing '{', '}', etc (win 7/8 only?)
* new option to show demangled symbols in the Error List (not the output window)
2011-10-25 Version 0.3.28
* mago debugger: fixed crash when there is no sstStaticSym section in the debug info
* mago debugger: fixed local variables not shown in last function of an object file
* mago debugger: fixed display of TLS variables
* mago debugger: added workaround for bad line number debug info, causing mago to switch to assembly easily
* mago debugger: globals and statics can now be displayed without specifying complete scope
* cv2pdb: fixed patching of autoexp.dat when the install path contained spaces
* fix: the import path set in the global options never made it to the command line
* fixed parser to accept "class B() if(true) : A {}"
* fixed parser to support import as statement
* building druntime browse info now uses src folder (di files look ugly and do not compile)
* building browse info now writes to "Visual D" output pane
* F1 searches language and phobos documentation for help on identifier
* added highlighting of asm block, using new colors "Visual D Register/Mnemonic" and "Disabled/Token String" variants
* parsing and outlining now aborted when text changes, so editing is more responsive with large source files
2011-12-03 Version 0.3.29
* highlighting: new colors for user defined list of types (defaults to basic types in object.d)
* disabled versions: fixed wrong highlighting when editing before conditional
* token replace dialog: fixed empty dialog when opening with default size
* fixed crash when building a project with a configuration that is not available in a dependent project
* fixed freeze in startup due to thread starting issues (probably only happened with more than 2 cores)
* added C++ to D conversion wizard
* added installation for Visual Studio 11
* tweaked dialogs to better integrate with VS
2012-01-07 Version 0.3.30
* fixed utf8 to OLE string conversion, that could get in the way when using non ascii file names
* property pages now adjust their font and size to the IDE environment
* __ctfe is now highlighted as a keyword
* scope(identifier) with wrong identifier shown as a parse error
* completion automatically inserts now if there is only one candidate
* completion of import modules now restricted to files, not symbols
* colorizer now asks the parser whether "is" and "in" are used as operators
* debugger data tooltip now grabs ident1.ident2 expressions when hovering ident2
* added checkbox for options -gs and -property to project configuration
* added new color to highlight predefined versions
* creating new folder now initiates renaming it
* fixed error message capture for error list in case the message also contains "filename(lineno):"
* new options page "Tools->Options->Text Editor->D->Intellisense" to select sources of code completion
* experimental tooltips and code completion from semantic analysis of source code
* project configuration: new debugger option to redirect stdout to the debugger output window
* project configuration: new option to pause after running program without debugger
* added option to "Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->Visual D Settings" to stop a solution build
if a project fails to build
2012-03-14 Version 0.3.31
* added option to "Intellisense" page to configure trigger of code completion
* delay code definition window update until caret at the same position for a second to avoid pauses while
navigating through the source
* added support for building with GDC
* added platform support for "x64" (use with GDC only)
* includes new version 0.23 of cv2pdb that now also converts DWARF to pdb
* tweaked idl2d to convert files to build with dmd 2.058
* new version of mago:
- fixed possible stall when starting debugging
- support for associative arrays in expressions
- fixed problem with loading debug info of large projects
* property: fixed editing multiple configurations at once
* added Compile command to syntax check the current source file
* parser now supports new delegate syntax (x) => x
* project config: shown command line now updated when pressing "Apply"
* fix resource include with spaces
* fix always rebuilding if a dependent library project target has spaces in the path name
2012-05-01 Version 0.3.32
* new version of cv2pdb with better handling of unicode characters in path names and better
support for local variables in DWARF debug info
* new version of mago with string literal support for associative array keys and easier stepping into main
* some changes to reduce memory leaks due to false pointers
* fixed parser to disambiguate MixinStatement and MixinExpression
* added support for __vector(T) to parser
* goto definition: if executed on an import statement, now searching file through import paths
* fixed lexer to not treat !in_x as an operator followed by an identifier "_x"
* fixed regression: import expansions only listed folders, no modules
* fixed custom command: project would not restore if multiple commands are used
* project properties: added output type DLL for easier switching between DMD and GDC
* project properties: added subsystem option, use "not set" if you have to specify a specific windows version
* fixed underlining syntax errors shows only first error
* fixed option "Show expansions when" not saving state "writing an identifier"
* added icon for disabled project item (tool set to "None")
* version highlighting now supports versions DigitalMars/GNU and Win32/Win64
* fixed building static lib with GDC and a name in the library file name
2012-06-19 Version 0.3.33
* debugger project settings now stored in solution options file, not in project file
* regression: clean project failed, now deletes files given by wildcard recursively
* token replace: fixed freeze when trying to replace no tokens
* cv2pdb: new version 0.25 that allows specifying a different pdb file being embedded
into the binary and supports VS11
* cv2pdb: exposed command line options in the project options
* intellisense tool tip now shows enumerator value
* moved parser and semantic analysis into another process
* GDC: user specified libraries are now appended after the source files to the command
line to avoid linker problems
* improved performance when indenting multiple lines of code
* remove project item: now asks whether file on disk should also be removed
* parser: added support for linkage specification inside alias
* version highlighting now supports the "version(V):" syntax
* tweaked vsi2d to also convert the Windows 8 SDK and VS2011 SDK
* added wizard to create packages from the new item dialog
* improved import statement detection for expansion and goto definition
unreleased Version 0.3.34
* fix exceptions in NDepend when opening context menu on D project
* delete file from project now uses VS environment dialog (avoiding dialog when moving project items)
* fixed "build phobos browse info" failing for dmd 2.059
* dependency on other projects: only output files with known file types are now passed to the dmd/gdc command line
* linker error messages can now be decompressed and demangled (thanks to Benjamin Thaut for providing the tool)
* lexer now allows unicode characters from std.uni.isAlpha in identifiers
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