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Sonos-Flask is a really simple flask app which allows insecure, remote control of a sonos device
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Russell Smith authored

Sonos Flask Controller

Super ghetto and based on SoCo heavily.

Set up

SoCo itself depends on the Requests HTTP library. The easiest way to install it is through pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt 

You will need to set the environment variable, SONOS_IP, to the correct IP of the Sonos controller.

export SONOS_IP=""

or with Heroku

heroku config:set SONOS_IP=""



Copyright (C) 2012 Russell Smith (@ukd1).

Released under the MIT license.

SoCo (Sonos Controller) is a simple Python class that allows you to programmatically control Sonos speakers. It was created at Music Hack Day Sydney, so there is still much room for improvement, however the basic control functionality is there and works well. I've tested it with both a Play:3 and a Play:5.

For more background on this project, please see my related blog post.



Copyright (C) 2012 Rahim Sonawalla ( / @rahims).

Released under the MIT license.

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