This is a really simple application to showcase how CRUD is done in Google Appengine with NoSQL-like datastore.
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CRUD Employee Record with Google Appengine in Python and Datastore (NoSQL)

This project is to showcase how to use create a very simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application with Google Appengine in Python and NoSQL Datastore coupled with Twitter's Bootstrap 3.3.1 and Jinja Template Engine.

To try it out simply go to and login with your Google account (whether it is or your custom domain under Google Apps for Business).

Feel free to Create, Update and Delete any Employee record as you like it.

I tried to keep the code very simple as this is not for practical use but educational purpose, it is to serve a reference for anyone who is new to Google Appengine /NoSQL Datastore and you wonder how to build a simple database application with it.