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A travel assistant aimed to give you the best roadtrips.

makeroute is a web application that utilizes the power of the Google Maps and Yelp APIs to bring you the top-rated travel destinations that you would otherwise just be passing by.

Dev guidelines

  • We want to try to use Git Flow.
  • The master branch is considered to be "shippable". Each major, "shippable" version of the app is one big push to master.
  • Each feature is to be implemented in a branch off of the dev branch. So if somebody is working on a feature called algorithm-v2, it would be on a branch called feature/algorithm-v2 created off of the dev branch, and once it works on the developer's machine, a pull request will be made against the dev branch. Once the code is reviewed by the developers, it will be merged with dev.
  • We use virtualenvs and a requirements.txt (generated by $ pip freeze > requirements.txt) to make sure everyone has the same Python packages as the deployment server without cluttering up our local Python installations.
  • Some things we use:
  • Flask
  • Flask's default template engine, Jinja2
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Redis
  • Our project is structured like a large Flask app, similar to this tutorial, or this official one.

Links that helped us