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JS2 - Friendly Cross Browser Object Oriented Javascript

JS2 is a way to write classes in a more familiar way for programmers who are used to syntax in languages such as: Java, Ruby, C++, etc... The main motivation is to provide a clean and a less verbose syntax for creating classes, inheritance and modules in Javascript. JS2 plays nicely with most of the popular frameworks including: jQuery and prototype. It also provides some syntactic sugar on the repetative aspects of Javascript.

Sample Syntax: class Rectangle { property height; property width;

  function area () {
    return this.height * this.width;

class Square extends Rectangle {
  function area () {
    return this.width * this.width;

var s = new Square();

Things You need to run JS2

  • Ruby - language used to parse js2 and generate javascript
  • Ruby Gems - ruby package manager
    • js2
    • RubyInline
    • haml (optional)

Quick Start Guide

Create a js2 file (foo.js2): class Person { function speak() { alert("Hello! I'm a person!"); }

  function walk() {

class Student extends Person {
  function speak() {
    alert("Hello, I'm a student!");

var person  = new Person();
var student = new Student();


Run js2 in the same directory js2 compile

You should now see these files in that directory:

  • foo.js2
  • foo.js
  • js2bootstrap.js

Include these js2bootstrap.js and foo.js (make sure js2bootstrap.js is included first) in your html page.