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SixArm Ruby On Rails Engine For Role Based Access Control
=== Users
Users are typical. You define these in your own app, however you want.
=== Roles
Roles are typical.
* admin
* guest
* subscriber
* auditor
Access Roles have three fields:
* name: a user-friendly name that can use any characters you want, e.g. "Application Administrator Role"
* description: a user-friendly freeform memo that you want, e.g. "This role has the highest security."
* xid: external id, e.g. admin, guest, subscriber, etc. The xid is all lowercase and underscores, suitable for using as a Ruby symbol and/or CSV column keyword and/or XML id.
=== Operations
Operations keep track of all the use case things that your app can do.
This is usually easy to describe using a verb-noun combination.
* read message
* edit note
* play song
* run report
* download file
=== Assignments
Assignments connect users and roles.
Users <-- Assignments --> Roles
In some Ruby applications, the "assigments" table would be akin to a "role_users" table.
=== Permissions
Permissions connect roles and operations.
Roles <-- Permissions --> Operations
In some Ruby applications, the "permissions" table would be akin to a "privileges" table.
=== Footer
Copyright (c) 2009 Joel Parker Henderson
Released under the MIT license