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/* Copyright (C) 2001 Rainmeter Project Developers
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public
* License; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later
* version. If a copy of the GPL was not distributed with this file, You can
* obtain one at <>. */
#ifndef __METER_H__
#define __METER_H__
#include <windows.h>
#include <ole2.h> // For Gdiplus.h.
#include <gdiplus.h>
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include "Util.h"
#include "ConfigParser.h"
#include "Skin.h"
#include "Section.h"
#include "Measure.h"
class Measure;
class __declspec(novtable) Meter : public Section
virtual ~Meter();
Meter(const Meter& other) = delete;
void ReadOptions(ConfigParser& parser) { ReadOptions(parser, GetName()); parser.ClearStyleTemplate(); }
virtual void Initialize();
virtual bool Update();
virtual bool Draw(Gfx::Canvas& canvas);
virtual bool HasActiveTransition() { return false; }
virtual int GetW() { return m_Hidden ? 0 : m_W; }
virtual int GetH() { return m_Hidden ? 0 : m_H; }
virtual int GetX(bool abs = false);
virtual int GetY(bool abs = false);
RECT GetMeterRect();
Gdiplus::Rect GetMeterRectPadding();
int GetWidthPadding() { return m_Padding.X + m_Padding.Width; }
int GetHeightPadding() { return m_Padding.Y + m_Padding.Height; }
void SetW(int w) { m_W = w; }
void SetH(int h) { m_H = h; }
void SetX(int x);
void SetY(int y);
void SetRelativeMeter(Meter* meter) { m_RelativeMeter = meter; }
const Mouse& GetMouse() { return m_Mouse; }
bool HasMouseAction() { return m_HasMouseAction; }
const std::wstring& GetToolTipText() { return m_ToolTipText; }
bool HasToolTip() { return m_ToolTipHandle != nullptr; }
void CreateToolTip(Skin* skin);
void UpdateToolTip();
void Hide();
void Show();
bool IsHidden() { return m_Hidden; }
const Gdiplus::Matrix* GetTransformationMatrix() { return m_Transformation; }
virtual bool HitTest(int x, int y);
void SetMouseOver(bool over) { m_MouseOver = over; }
bool IsMouseOver() { return m_MouseOver; }
static Meter* Create(const WCHAR* meter, Skin* skin, const WCHAR* name);
static void DrawBevel(Gdiplus::Graphics& graphics, const Gdiplus::Rect& rect, const Gdiplus::Pen& light, const Gdiplus::Pen& dark);
ALIGN_LEFT, // Same as LeftTop
ALIGN_RIGHT, // Same as RightTop
ALIGN_CENTER, // Same as CenterTop
Meter(Skin* skin, const WCHAR* name);
virtual void ReadOptions(ConfigParser& parser, const WCHAR* section);
virtual void BindMeasures(ConfigParser& parser, const WCHAR* section);
virtual bool IsFixedSize(bool overwrite = false) { return true; }
bool BindPrimaryMeasure(ConfigParser& parser, const WCHAR* section, bool optional);
void BindSecondaryMeasures(ConfigParser& parser, const WCHAR* section);
bool ReplaceMeasures(std::wstring& str, AUTOSCALE autoScale = AUTOSCALE_ON, double scale = 1.0, int decimals = 0, bool percentual = false);
std::vector<Measure*> m_Measures;
int m_X;
int m_Y;
int m_W;
int m_H;
bool m_Hidden;
bool m_WDefined;
bool m_HDefined;
Meter* m_RelativeMeter;
Gdiplus::Matrix* m_Transformation;
std::wstring m_ToolTipText;
std::wstring m_ToolTipTitle;
std::wstring m_ToolTipIcon;
unsigned int m_ToolTipWidth;
bool m_ToolTipType;
bool m_ToolTipHidden;
HWND m_ToolTipHandle;
Mouse m_Mouse;
bool m_HasMouseAction;
bool m_MouseOver;
BEVELTYPE m_SolidBevel;
Gdiplus::Color m_SolidColor;
Gdiplus::Color m_SolidColor2;
Gdiplus::REAL m_SolidAngle;
Gdiplus::Rect m_Padding;
bool m_AntiAlias;
bool m_Initialized;
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