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/* Copyright (C) 2001 Rainmeter Project Developers
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the GNU General Public
* License; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later
* version. If a copy of the GPL was not distributed with this file, You can
* obtain one at <>. */
#ifndef __RAINMETER_H__
#define __RAINMETER_H__
#include <windows.h>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <string>
#include "CommandHandler.h"
#include "ContextMenu.h"
#include "Logger.h"
#include "Skin.h"
#include "SkinRegistry.h"
#define MAX_LINE_LENGTH 4096
#define APPNAME L"Rainmeter"
#ifdef _WIN64
#define APPBITS L"64-bit"
#define APPBITS L"32-bit"
#define WIDEN2(x) L ## x
#define WIDEN(x) WIDEN2(x)
#define RAINMETER_CLASS_NAME L"DummyRainWClass"
#define RAINMETER_WINDOW_NAME L"Rainmeter control window"
struct GlobalOptions
double netInSpeed;
double netOutSpeed;
class ConfigParser;
class TrayIcon;
class Rainmeter
static Rainmeter& GetInstance();
int Initialize(LPCWSTR iniPath, LPCWSTR layout);
void Finalize();
bool IsAlreadyRunning();
int MessagePump();
void SetNetworkStatisticsTimer();
ConfigParser* GetCurrentParser() { return m_CurrentParser; }
void SetCurrentParser(ConfigParser* parser) { m_CurrentParser = parser; }
TrayIcon* GetTrayIcon() { return m_TrayIcon; }
bool HasSkin(const Skin* skin) const;
Skin* GetSkin(std::wstring folderPath);
Skin* GetSkinByINI(const std::wstring& ini_searching);
Skin* GetSkin(HWND hwnd);
void GetSkinsByLoadOrder(std::multimap<int, Skin*>& windows, const std::wstring& group = std::wstring());
std::map<std::wstring, Skin*>& GetAllSkins() { return m_Skins; }
const std::vector<std::wstring>& GetAllLayouts() { return m_Layouts; }
void RemoveSkin(Skin* skin);
void AddUnmanagedSkin(Skin* skin);
void RemoveUnmanagedSkin(Skin* skin);
bool ActivateSkin(const std::wstring& folderPath);
bool ActivateSkin(const std::wstring& folderPath, const std::wstring& file);
void ActivateSkin(int folderIndex, int fileIndex);
void DeactivateSkin(Skin* skin, int folderIndex, bool save = true);
void ToggleSkin(int folderIndex, int fileIndex);
void ToggleSkinWithID(UINT id);
const std::wstring& GetPath() { return m_Path; }
const std::wstring& GetIniFile() { return m_IniFile; }
const std::wstring& GetDataFile() { return m_DataFile; }
const std::wstring& GetSettingsPath() { return m_SettingsPath; }
const std::wstring& GetSkinPath() { return m_SkinPath; }
void SetSkinPath(const std::wstring& skinPath);
std::wstring GetLayoutPath() { return m_SettingsPath + L"Layouts\\"; }
std::wstring GetPluginPath() { return m_Path + L"Plugins\\"; }
std::wstring GetUserPluginPath() { return m_SettingsPath + L"Plugins\\"; }
std::wstring GetAddonPath() { return m_SettingsPath + L"Addons\\"; }
bool HasUserPluginPath() { return (_wcsicmp(m_Path.c_str(), m_SettingsPath.c_str()) != 0); }
std::wstring GetDefaultSkinPath() { return m_Path + L"Defaults\\Skins\\"; }
std::wstring GetDefaultLayoutPath() { return m_Path + L"Defaults\\Layouts\\"; }
std::wstring GetDefaultPluginPath() { return m_Path + L"Defaults\\Plugins\\"; }
std::wstring GetDefaultAddonPath() { return m_Path + L"Defaults\\Addons\\"; }
const std::wstring& GetDrive() { return m_Drive; }
const std::wstring& GetSkinEditor() { return m_SkinEditor; }
void SetSkinEditor(const std::wstring& path);
const std::wstring& GetStatsDate() { return m_StatsDate; }
HWND GetWindow() { return m_Window; }
HINSTANCE GetModuleInstance() { return m_Instance; }
HINSTANCE GetResourceInstance() { return m_ResourceInstance; }
LCID GetResourceLCID() { return m_ResourceLCID; }
bool GetDebug() { return m_Debug; }
GlobalOptions& GetGlobalOptions() { return m_GlobalOptions; }
void ReloadSettings();
void EditSettings();
void EditSkinFile(const std::wstring& name, const std::wstring& iniFile);
void OpenSkinFolder(const std::wstring& name = std::wstring());
void UpdateStats();
void ReadStats();
void WriteStats(bool bForce);
void ResetStats();
bool GetDisableVersionCheck() { return m_DisableVersionCheck; }
void SetDisableVersionCheck(bool check);
bool GetNewVersion() { return m_NewVersion; }
void SetNewVersion() { m_NewVersion = true; }
bool GetLanguageStatus() { return m_LanguageObsolete; }
void SetLanguageStatus(bool status) { m_LanguageObsolete = status; }
void ShowLogFile();
bool GetDisableRDP() { return m_DisableRDP; }
bool IsRedrawable() { return (!GetDisableRDP() || !GetSystemMetrics(SM_REMOTESESSION)); }
bool GetDisableDragging() { return m_DisableDragging; }
void SetDisableDragging(bool dragging);
bool IsNormalStayDesktop() { return m_NormalStayDesktop; }
void SetDebug(bool debug);
int ShowMessage(HWND parent, const WCHAR* text, UINT type);
bool IsMenuActive() { return m_ContextMenu.IsMenuActive(); }
void ShowContextMenu(POINT pos, Skin* skin) { return m_ContextMenu.ShowMenu(pos, skin); }
void ShowSkinCustomContextMenu(POINT pos, Skin* skin) { return m_ContextMenu.ShowSkinCustomMenu(pos, skin); }
const std::wstring& GetTrayExecuteR() { return m_TrayExecuteR; }
const std::wstring& GetTrayExecuteM() { return m_TrayExecuteM; }
const std::wstring& GetTrayExecuteDR() { return m_TrayExecuteDR; }
const std::wstring& GetTrayExecuteDM() { return m_TrayExecuteDM; }
void ExecuteBang(const WCHAR* bang, std::vector<std::wstring>& args, Skin* skin);
void ExecuteCommand(const WCHAR* command, Skin* skin, bool multi = true);
void DelayedExecuteCommand(const WCHAR* command, Skin* skin = nullptr);
void RefreshAll();
bool LoadLayout(const std::wstring& name);
void PreserveSetting(const std::wstring& from, LPCTSTR key, bool replace = true);
bool IsSkinAFavorite(const std::wstring& folder, const std::wstring& filename);
void UpdateFavorites(const std::wstring& folder, const std::wstring& file, bool favorite);
Gdiplus::Color& GetDefaultSelectionColor() { return m_DefaultSelectedColor; }
static const std::vector<LPCWSTR>& GetOldDefaultPlugins();
friend class CommandHandler;
friend class ContextMenu;
friend class DialogManage;
friend class DialogNewSkin;
Rainmeter(const Rainmeter& other) = delete;
Rainmeter& operator=(Rainmeter other) = delete;
static LRESULT CALLBACK MainWndProc(HWND hWnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
void ActivateActiveSkins();
void CreateSkin(const std::wstring& folderPath, const std::wstring& file);
void DeleteAllSkins();
void DeleteAllUnmanagedSkins();
void WriteActive(const std::wstring& folderPath, int fileIndex);
void ScanForSkins();
void ScanForLayouts();
void ReadFavorites();
void ReadGeneralSettings(const std::wstring& iniFile);
void SetLoadOrder(int folderIndex, int order);
int GetLoadOrder(const std::wstring& folderPath);
void UpdateDesktopWorkArea(bool reset);
void CreateOptionsFile();
void CreateDataFile();
void CreateComponentFolders(bool defaultIniLocation);
void TestSettingsFile(bool bDefaultIniLocation);
TrayIcon* m_TrayIcon;
std::multimap<int, int> m_SkinOrders;
std::map<std::wstring, Skin*> m_Skins;
std::list<Skin*> m_UnmanagedSkins;
std::vector<std::wstring> m_Layouts;
std::vector<std::wstring> m_Favorites;
std::wstring m_Path;
std::wstring m_IniFile;
std::wstring m_DataFile;
std::wstring m_StatsFile;
std::wstring m_SettingsPath;
std::wstring m_SkinPath;
std::wstring m_Drive;
std::wstring m_StatsDate;
std::wstring m_TrayExecuteR;
std::wstring m_TrayExecuteM;
std::wstring m_TrayExecuteDR;
std::wstring m_TrayExecuteDM;
bool m_Debug;
bool m_DisableVersionCheck;
bool m_NewVersion;
bool m_LanguageObsolete;
bool m_DesktopWorkAreaChanged;
bool m_DesktopWorkAreaType;
std::map<UINT, RECT> m_DesktopWorkAreas;
std::vector<RECT> m_OldDesktopWorkAreas;
bool m_NormalStayDesktop;
bool m_DisableRDP;
bool m_DisableDragging;
std::wstring m_SkinEditor;
Gdiplus::Color m_DefaultSelectedColor;
CommandHandler m_CommandHandler;
ContextMenu m_ContextMenu;
SkinRegistry m_SkinRegistry;
ConfigParser* m_CurrentParser;
HWND m_Window;
HANDLE m_Mutex;
HINSTANCE m_Instance;
HMODULE m_ResourceInstance;
LCID m_ResourceLCID;
ULONG_PTR m_GDIplusToken;
GlobalOptions m_GlobalOptions;
// Convenience function.
inline Rainmeter& GetRainmeter() { return Rainmeter::GetInstance(); }
#define EXPORT_PLUGIN EXTERN_C __declspec(dllimport)
EXPORT_PLUGIN int RainmeterMain(LPWSTR cmdLine);