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Export Google Calendar Events to a Google Spreadsheet

Original script written by Justin Gale, found in Export Google Calendar Entries to a Google Spreadsheet

The function export_gcal_to_gsheet retrieves events between 2 dates for the specified calendar. It logs the results in the current spreadsheet starting at cell A3 listing the events, dates/times, etc and even calculates event duration (via creating formulas in the spreadsheet) and formats the values.

There are two version:

  1. (script in English);
  2. (script in italiano).

Check the instructions and updates on my site:

Coming soon

In the next weeks I am going to improve the script by adding new features, in particular the topics may be:

  • how to subdivide and count the hours in nocturnes (from 22 to 6 o'clock) and holidays;
  • how to consider different type of shift depending on the label put in event title and sum it;
  • how to make a sum considering all the introduced variables above;
  • how to add a pie chart that summarise all the data.
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