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Shuffle a list of files into a folder

The script removes empty spaces and the special characters (', " and -) from the files and then it shuffles them by adding a random number followed by an underscore. For the MP3 files it shuffles also the ID3 tags and it has a special feature to add them starting from the filename (if it is renamed like this: Album_name-Artist_name-Title_name.mp3).


First you have to check the SETTINGS section of the script and change if is necessary:

ext=mp3		# extension of the files to shuffle

In this case the files to randomize and rename is MP3s and the debug is set to true

After fixed, it works in this manner:

./fileRandomizer.sh -shuffle directory --> to add a random prefix to a directory of mp3
./fileRandomizer.sh -clean directory   --> to remove the prefix to a directory of mp3
./fileRandomizer.sh -tags directory    --> to add id3 tags to a directory of mp3
                                           from the filename: Album-Artist-Title.mp3

NOTE: the directory is not necessary if you have the files in the working directory.

More info on my site: http://rainnic.altervista.org/en/tag/bash