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A little Python program to respect the 20-20-20 rule and prevent eye strain

The program every 20 minutes turns off the screen of your computer, then turns on it and makes a sound when 20 seconds have passed, with the ability to deactivate the rule if your audio card is busy (useful if you are watching videos).


I wrote it with Python 3.6 and the following packages are required:

  • pygame;
  • sys;
  • subprocess;
  • schedule;
  • time;
  • pacmd (i.e. Pulseaudio and strictly connected to the OS).


At the beginning of the file there is three items to adapt the program at your needs:

size = (1920, 1080) # size of your monitor
check_audio =OFF# with 'ON' the script doesn't turn off the screen if your audio card is working
duration = 1200 # the time interval in seconds

How it works

Simple execute it from a terminal or create a launcher in this manner:


Then it prints in the shell:

  • the time when it starts;
  • the time and the correct action every the duration setted
    • --> OKAY!! (if turns off the screen)
    • --> NO WAY (if doesn't turn off the screen because check_audio option is ON and the number of the sink is greater than or equal to 1).

Here is an example:

$ python3.6
19:35:11–> Starting…

19:55:11–> OKAY!!

20:15:34–> NO WAY!!

More info on my site: Python on Rainnic

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