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<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">
<title>RGraph: HTML5 canvas graph library - bar chart</title>
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/favicon.png">
<script src="RGraph.common.js" ></script>
<script src="" ></script>
* These are the callback functions for the context menu
function Callback1()
alert('Menu item 1 selected!');
function Callback2()
alert('Menu item 2 selected!');
* The onload function creates the graph
window.onload = function ()
var bar2 = new RGraph.Bar('bar2', [[23,25], [30,25], [27,28], [26,18], [31,20], [39,28], [27,29], [26,23]]);
bar2.Set('chart.tooltips', ['<b>2000</b><br />Girls only had an average<br />year in 2000',
'<b>2000</b><br />Boys had a slightly better<br />year in 2000',
'<b>2001</b><br />Girls had a good year',
'<b>2001</b><br />Boys had an average year',
'<b>2002</b><br />Both girls and boys had an average year',
'<b>2002</b><br />Both girls and boys had an average year',
'<b>2003</b><br />Girls had an average year in 2003',
'<b>2003</b><br />Boys had a rather poor showing in 2003',
'<b>2004</b><br />Girls had a good showing in 2004',
'<b>2004</b><br />Slightly better than than last year,<br />but still not good',
'<b>2005</b><br />Girls had a particularly good year',
'<b>2005</b><br />Boys got back up to par this year',
'<b>2006</b><br />Girls were back to average',
'<b>2006</b><br />Boys remained at an average level',
'<b>2007</b><br />Girls were more or less the same as last month',
'<b>2007</b><br />Boys were starting to drop again'
bar2.Set('chart.tooltip.effect', 'expand');
// if (!document.all) {
// bar2.Set('chart.zoom.vdir', 'center');
// bar2.Set('chart.contextmenu', [['Zoom', RGraph.Zoom], null, ['Cancel', function () {}]]);
// }
bar2.Set('chart.title', 'Population by gender (tooltips, context, zoom)');
bar2.Set('chart.title.color', '#1254A3');
// bar2.Set('chart.gutter', 65);
bar2.Set('chart.background.barcolor1', '#fff');
bar2.Set('chart.background.barcolor2', '#fff');
bar2.Set('chart.background.grid.hsize', 20);
bar2.Set('chart.background.grid.vsize', 20);
bar2.Set('chart.colors', ['pink', 'blue']);
bar2.Set('chart.labels', ['兰州', '玉门', '新疆', '陕西', '宁夏', '川渝', '青藏', '宝鸡','永登', '呼和', '郑州']);
bar2.Set('chart.text.angle', 0);
bar2.Set('', '');
bar2.Set('chart.shadow', true);
bar2.Set('chart.shadow.color', '#aaa');
bar2.Set('chart.strokecolor', 'rgba(0,0,0,0)');
bar2.Set('chart.labels.above', true);
<canvas id="bar2" width="475" height="200"></canvas><br />