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PHP Template Engine Comparison

Speed matters... sometimes...

This benchmark tests the speed and memory consumption of PHP template engines. You can fork the project and contribute by adding your favorite template engine.

How to run the benchmark

  1. Add your database login details to the config/db.php file (make sure the user has permission to create tables).
  2. Run the test.php from your browser. Once it's completed, the results will be saved as CSV files in the csv folder.
  3. To draw the results you need the Charts class, which is not released open source with this package.
  4. View and compare results by visiting index.php.
  5. To add more engines to the test, upload the engine to the template_engines folder and re-create the assign and loop tests. Check out the php engine for a simple example of what is required, then add your engine to the library/config.php file.
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