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A lightweight .NET ORM framework
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Insql is a lightweight .NET ORM framework. Object mapping is based on Dapper, and the Sql configuration is inspired by Mybatis.

🚀 Pursuit of simplicity, elegance, performance and quality

Insql Advocate to write native The SQL way to access the database, the overall function is divided into three:

  • Unified management SQL statement, use XML as The vector of the SQL statement will be hard-coded in the program. SQL statements are externally and managed in a unified manner. Offer can be loaded from multiple sources SQL statements and matching across multiple databases The function of SQL .
  • Provides a rich mapping mechanism, using Annotation , Fluent , and XML Map to implement mapping of database tables to object properties.
  • Flexible dependency injection and the use of domain-driven patterns can better manage database connections and the lifecycle of database contexts.

Detailed documentation


Package Nuget Stable Downloads
Insql Insql Insql
Insql.MySql Insql.MySql Insql.MySql
Insql.Oracle Insql.Oracle Insql.Oracle
Insql.PostgreSql Insql.PostgreSql Insql.PostgreSql
Insql.Sqlite Insql.Sqlite Insql.Sqlite
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