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To install from this source tree:

make dev

To make all packages

make all
make install

Testing the latest YUI release with Node

I've tried to make it simple to test the latest YUI source code against my nodejs package. First you need to install yuitest:

npm install yuitest

Now, go into your clone of the yui3 source tree and npm install it:

cd /path/to/yui3
npm install .

Now you can test this code:

yuitest ./tests/*.js

Currently there are over 100 tests that should pass 100% if your YUI3 code works ;)


If you are patching YUI core or working with Dom/Event/Node code, you really need to check to make sure that your code doesn't contain things that will break on the server. Each time you do a build, you should also follow the steps above to npm install then yuitest ./tests/*.js to make sure you didn't introduce a change that will break when your code is executed on the server.